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Chapter 1220: Adding On To Her Disappointment!

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Qiao Ximin needed Yun Xis help right now.

But when asked to help, Yun Xi always beat around the bush and brushed her off.

Yun Xi had been like that when Qiao Ximin tried to meet the Young Commander at the school gates previously, and she was the same now.

Yun Xis unwillingness to help and self-righteous attitude made Qiao Ximin extremely angry.

Qiao Ximin was already feeling anxious, but Yun Xis attitude just added fuel to the fire.

Qiao Ximin instantly became more annoyed and anxious.

Qiao Ximin had wanted to cut corners in getting the project going by meeting with the Young Commander.

And the only way to do that was to go through Yun Xi.

Once her request to meet Mu Feichi was rejected, Gu Baifan didnt have the time to meet with her either.

Gu Baifan even got his secretary to remind her that the person in charge of the project was Qiao Lixin.

And he said because of that it would be inappropriate for them to meet about that project.

She wasnt even given a chance to explain.

Qiao Ximin had just been trying her luck, thinking she could meet Gu Baifan or the Young Commander to discuss the project.

If they liked her plan for the solution, the project would naturally become hers.

But she couldnt even get a chance to meet them, much less to talk to them about it.

It seemed as if Qiao Ximins plan was about to go down the drain.

However, she had already planned this and made all of the arrangements, so she would not accept just letting the project go back to Qiao Lixin.

Qiao Ximin gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

After a while, she forced herself to smile.

“This wasnt a minor incident for the project, so I really hoped to speak to the Young Commander personally.

I would also like to discuss another project that the Qiao and Mu Corporations are working on together.”

“From what I know about things, the Young Commander hasnt been involved in the company matters for a while now.

If you want to talk about the projects, I suggest looking for Executive Director Gu.

Hes a nice person, and he always goes by the book.

If its about work, he will definitely agree to meet with you.”

“…” Qiao Ximins face fell upon hearing that.

Gu Baifan didnt want to see her.

If he had agreed to meet with her, she wouldnt be here meekly asking for Yun Xis help.

Meeting the Young Commander was one thing, but now taking over the project was the most important task.

Qiao Ximin doesnt want to just walk away empty-handed.

“Director Gu didnt want to meet you Thats impossible.

Let me call him to ask…”

“Dont…” Qiao Ximin panicked when she saw Yun Xi taking out her mobile phone.

She doesnt know how well Yun Xi and Gu Baifan know each other.

If Yun Xi really were to make the call, she could end up saying that Gu Baifan didnt want to meet with her.

If that happened, Qiao Ximin wouldnt need to think about any discussions with the Mu Corporation.

“Since you are not going to help me, then I will find another way.” Qiao Ximin looked at Yun Xi coldly, her face clearly showing her disappointment.

Yun Xi blinked innocently.

She couldnt help but sneer.

What an interesting sight.

Who does Qiao Ximin take her for They are not even friends, so she shouldnt feel obligated to help her at all.

Qiao Ximin looked like shed thought Yun Xi would definitely help her.

But upon realizing that Yun Xi wouldnt help her, she immediately showed her disappointment.

Qiao Ximin had neither paid nor begged for help, so why did she think Yun Xi would definitely help her

Since Qiao Ximin was so disappointed, Yun Xi thought she should add to it.

“Ximin, I remember that the project you are working on with the Mu Corporation had originally belonged to Chairman Han.

To be honest, he asked for my help to meet the Young Commander too.

But he did not get to meet him either, unfortunately.

The Young Commander said that the project was not something he was involved with, and I did not expect that the project would end up falling into your hands.

So, I dont think Chairman Han would be willing to give up just like that After all, no one likes to pave the way for someone else.

Dont you agree”

Yun Xis reminder and threat were quite clear.

If Qiao Ximin didnt get it, then Yun Xi had probably overestimated her capabilities.

Qiao Ximin had stolen a project that had initially been handled by the Han Corporation.

But instead of sabotaging her project, Han Yaotian had made a move on Qiao Lixins project.

If Qiao Ximin was a little more alert, she would know that it would be her turn next.

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Instead of spending her time pestering Yun Xi, Qiao Ximin should be thinking about how to manage her project well..

There would never be a good ending for someone greedy and discontented with what they had.

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