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Chapter 1224: Trump Card

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Chen Yichen understood what she meant, but there were some things that he couldnt figure out.

“Didnt you always want to promote the Zhao family I thought…”

From the information he had gotten, he had always thought that both Yun Xi and the Young Commander wanted the Zhao family to take over the Han familys position.

Chen Yichen had not expected the Qiao family to pop up at this critical moment.

Yun Xis measures against the Qiao family and the Han family had been equally ruthless.

She was decisive and had shown no mercy toward them.

He knew that the Han family had offended her, so he understood her actions against them.

But the Qiao family had always kept a low profile, and Yun Xi didnt seem to have any issues with them.

So why had Yun Xi suddenly thought about promoting the Qiao family instead

Also, he had recently found out that the Huo family and a branch of the Qiao family had secretly begun working on the old town redevelopment project together.

The three noble families had always been close and had always supported one another.

The Huo family is secretly working with a branch of the Qiao family, and the Mu family is openly supporting the Qiao family.

So, no matter how one looked at it, it seemed as if they wanted to elevate the Qiao familys status.

But Chen Yichen knew that Yun Xi was suppressing the Qiao family by acting under the guise that the Han family had planned everything.

So her actions had intensified the competition and misunderstandings between the two families.

So it also doesnt look like she just wants to support the Qiao family.

Chen Yichen had gotten really confused about what Yun Xi actually wanted to do.

If getting the Qiao family to replace the Han family had been her final goal, why was the Huo family secretly supporting a different branch of the Qiao family That branch family wasnt even on good terms with the main branch of the Qiao family.

“I had originally planned for the Zhao family to replace the Han family, but Yumo is still rather young and inexperienced.

The Qiao family has kept a low profile and concealed their capabilities for many years.

In fact, the Qiao family is not inferior in many aspects compared to the Zhao family.

Instead of putting an early end to Yumos carefree lifestyle, I decided to promote the Qiao family first and let them expand for a few years.

Yichen, you should know very well that competition in the business world can be treacherous, and many things can happen that are dangerous at times.

Yumo is my best and closest friend, so I didnt want to push her into this fiery pit too soon.”

“You want to promote the Qiao family.

But do you know the background of this family”

Yun Xi nodded.

“If I didnt know their background, I wouldnt have made a move with them so easily or even used them to deal with the Han family.

And, isnt the current situation the outcome I wanted”


You dont understand what Im trying to say.

What I meant is that do you know if they are on the Young Commanders side or if they are with the Prime Minister”

Chen Yichen initially didnt quite understand the issues concerning the stances of all of the wealthiest families.

He had only come to find out about these issues because his father had talked to him about it when Chen Yichen had intended to tell Yun Xi about Crocodiles secrets during her investigation.

The big four wealthiest families and the three noble families are definitely on the same side.

However, many other powerful families secretly support the Prime Minister.

They were all waiting for the Prime Minister to fight it out with the three noble families.

Then, once the Prime Minister emerged as the winner, they will then take the big four wealthiest families down and replace them.

And, as for the Qiao family, its quite likely that they support the Prime Minister.

Once they allow someone from the Prime Ministers side to become one of the big four wealthiest families, its equivalent to planting a mole among them.

It is possible that they might plot against the other three wealthiest families or even instigate others to defect to their side.

Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi, then turned back to Chen Yichen.

She smiled and nodded her head.

“I know that the Qiao family is the Prime Ministers hidden weapon.

The Prime Minister does everything to support the Qiao family in order for them to become his secret weapon.

It is difficult to guard against someone in the dark.

So, I decided to grant the Prime Ministers wish by supporting the Qiao family to be a part of the big four wealthiest families.

They will then keep an eye on us for the Prime Minister, but they will also become our trump card against the Prime Minister.”

Now, its all down to who has the better skills and is more unscrupulous in their use of the Qiao family.

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