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Chapter 1227:How Impressive, Miss Yun

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Upon receiving his call, Jiang Qilin arranged to meet Mu Feichi at his private residence.

He instructed Jing Yi to drive them to his personal mansion.

The current state in Jingdu had been picked up on by all the families, but it came as a great shock to him that Yun Xi had actually realized all the plans that she had made.

She had done what she had said she would do.

She had done even what he imagined even the Young Commander would not have dared to do.

Yun Xi had accomplished all that he had deemed impossible.

The Han family had become a dwindling power, and the Qiao family had stood on their disintegrating reputation to climb into the ranks of the big four wealthiest families.

They had been in the spotlight of the conflict.

However, he wondered why Yun Xi would allow the Qiao family to take this opportunity to rise from the Zhao family.

He wondered if Yun Xi had further ulterior motives for her plans.

It was a fortunate coincidence that the Young Commander had wanted a meeting.

Now, Jiang Qilin could use this chance to confirm his next moves.

Jing Yi greeted the two of them when they reached Jiang Qilins mansion.

Qing Yi gave Mu Feichi a polite nod and turned to Yun Xi.

“How impressive, Miss Yun.

Such incredible tactics!”

Yun Xi smiled awkwardly.

“This is really surprising.

Why the sudden praise, Jing Yi I dont think Ive done anything worthy of such praise recently.”

Jing Yis eyes turned into a thin line as he smiled.

“It is impressive how Miss Yun has such power over the current state in Jingdu.

Truly an impressive move…”

“Right, lets not butter her up too much here.

Lets head in!” Mu Feichi gave Jing Yi a look and pulled Yun Xi inside the mansion.

The man who had been waiting for them in the living room stood up.

Mu Feichi seemed surprised.

He had never questioned Yun Xis medical skills, but the sight of Jiang Qilin, who had been deemed disabled for life by all kinds of doctors, standing upright before them left Mu Feichi in deep awe of Yun Xis talents.

At that moment of Mu Feichiss awe, Jiang Qilin walked slowly toward the two who stood by the door.

Mu Feichi silently observed him for a moment.

Then, once he had confirmed that Jiang Qilin was well, he looked at Yun Xi.

His eyes were sincere as he complimented her, “I should say how impressive, Miss Yun as well.”

“Not you too!” Yun Xi glared at him with annoyance and turned to Jiang Qilin.

“Hope we arent bothering you.”

“No problem at all.

I had wanted to talk to you as well.

Come in.” Jiang Qilin nodded toward Jing Yi, and he headed into the kitchen to brew coffee for the visitors.

“Good plans, Miss Yun.

Seems like the state of things in Jingdu is going according to your plan.

With all of this under your control, it truly is a moment worth celebrating.”

He was aware of the contributions made by the Young Commander as well.

However, he was certain few would know that the real master of the plans was a girl who had not come of age yet.

If the Young Commander had not pulled Yun Xi into his ranks, he would have wanted someone like Yun Xi by his side.

She was not only capable of complex schemes, but she had good medical knowledge.

An individual like her was hard to come by.

There were many socialites in the upper ranks of Jingdu with smarts and appeal, but few could compare to the medical expertise, foresight, and bravado that Yun Xi had.

Yun Xi was irreplaceable.

“Thats too much of a compliment, Young Master Jiang.

It was all the Young Commanders work, I did little.”

Jiang Qilin smiled.

“I am rather curious about one thing.

Why is it the Qiao family thats taking over What about the Zhao family I wanted to ask if something had happened.”

“Nothing really, the Qiao family was another one of my aims.

It did not change much of my plan if the Qiao family were to rise up.”

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Yun Xi had explained the rough progression of her plans, but Mu Feichi had been the one who had tied up the ends for her.

He maintained his nonchalant attitude, and it was clear he left the interpretations of his words to Jiang Qilin.

The more Yun Xi listened, the more she worried for Jiang Qilin.

It was fortunate that Jiang Qilin was no fool, and he could read between the lines.

He had completely understood what they meant.

Mu Feichi hummed softly.

“Now that you understand, then lets clear out all the obstacles and stand up again fast.

Nows the best time, and if you miss it the effort spent on treating your legs might go to waste.”

Jiang Qilin nodded.

“I know, this is a matter of the utmost urgency.

I will handle it well..”

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