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Chapter 1229: Disguises

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Jingdu had been thrown into disarray.

However, the one who was controlling everything from behind the scenes was living a rather carefree life.

Life had been going on quietly and normally for Yun Xi.

Ever since the arrival of Yi Qianmo, Yun Xi had had to spend all her free time outside of classes taking part in antiterrorist training at Tianyu Mountain.

Yi Qianmo was giving her special training, and he was a harder taskmaster than Li Zilan.

Yi Qianmo acted like the equivalent of a demon when it came to training.

It was Yun Xis first encounter with a man who excelled in his looks and excelled in his strictness at training.

Mu Feichi had always been afraid of causing her harm, and even after all this time he still held back when they were training.

But Yi Qianmo was different.

He had no qualms about using his worst against Yun Xi.

Yi Qianmo had devised an information collection exercise and then had pushed Yun Xi into a helicopter.

The two of them had then flown away toward A city.

The two had disappeared into A city before Mu Feichi had even been notified.

Information gathering and disguises were two crucial components of her training.

Yun Xi had learned a little about this from Yan Shuo, but she had barely scratched the surface.

The knowledge that Yun Xi had was kindergarten level in the eyes of this expert.

“Information collection is foundational training.

You must uncover the source of information in order to facilitate your investigation and guide your direction.

For the training on makeup and disguises, you…”

Yi Qianmo studied her disguise disapprovingly and scoffed, “Seeing how you look, not only will you not fit in, you will draw more attention than necessary.”

Yun Xi looked down at her tattered, torn clothing.

She thought about her messy hair and the layers of mud she had slathered across her face.

She looked worse than a beggar, yet she had failed in the eyes of Yi Qianmo.

“How about this Tuck your shirt in a little, and add a bit more dirt to your elbows and legs.

This will make sure your cover is not blown.”

Yi Qianmo reached out and pulled out the clothing he had prepared from his bag, as he gestured to her.

“Wait here and see what a real disguise is.”

Yun Xi followed his instructions and watched for the man who had entered the changing room intently.

She awaited the surprise.

The moment she laid eyes on the figure that emerged from the changing room, Yun Xi let out the loudest gasp possible.

It was hard to comprehend that the figure before her was Yi Qianmo.

If Yun Xi had bumped into him on a street, she would not have thought he was a man either.

He was dressed in a thin khaki-colored sweater, with a turned-up collar that concealed his Adams apple.

Yi Qianmo had paired it with a flowing skirt of the same shade.

The wig he wore had wavy curls, and he was wearing casual flats.

More important, he had augmented his chest.

Yun Xi wondered if they were pads he had fixed into place.

This must have been a lot of work for Yi Qianmo.

The feminine clothing complimented his pretty, delicate complexion.

Even upon closer observation, one would find it difficult to identify any problems.

Yun Xi could hardly believe her eyes.

He had truly demonstrated the power of disguise and makeup.

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“Incredible, youre prettier than any woman I know!”

Yun Xis jaw dropped at the sight of Yi Qianmo.

She looked down at her own costume.

The two couldnt be compared.

Yi Qianmo smiled, and the smile imprinted itself in Yun Xis mind.

She was amazed at how easy it was for Yi Qianmo to change between genders and portray a man or a woman in perfect form.

“But, dont you catch too much attention All eyes will be on you wherever you go.”

“We have different missions today.

I need to capture attention.

You dont.

Get in the car.

I will let you off when we reach the suburbs.

Ive arranged for someone to be there to help you with your mission.

I will be heading into the business district of A city.”

“Got it!”

Yun Xi studied the training missions on the way.

The goal of the missions was beyond a simple information collection..

There were other key pieces of knowledge to learn, and makeup and disguises were just some of them.

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