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Chapter 1231: Black Taxi

The two men in the house sprinted toward the passageway behind the house, and they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the scruffy-looking young girl who was sitting on the stone tiles.

“Why, is it that big of a shock” Yun Xi swept aside the messy hair that clung to her forehead and smiled brightly.

“Hand me the information, I still have places to go.”

The duo was stunned.

They couldnt believe that she had been able to locate them in such a short time.

“How…how did you find us”

They thought that their disguises were perfect.

The two had arrived one week ago and disguised themselves as the workers from the neighborhood whenever they needed to go outside.

No one had picked up on their presence this entire week, but Yun Xi had found them almost immediately.

“It wasnt that hard.

Just remember to take your showers at times other than noon.

The workers here always shower in the early morning.

No one showers as late as you guys.”


Once she had obtained the information, Yun Xi set off for the second information point.

The first information had been easy, but the second was in a much larger area, and she had to patrol the area inch by inch.

She had less than two hours left before she was supposed to regroup with Yi Qianmo, so she had to hurry and continue her mission without breaking her disguise.

She considered herself lucky when she found a few used instant noodle cups in the trash that pointed her in the right direction.

Instant noodles were inexpensive, but the workers of the region had families who would cook for them, and few of them would resort to eating instant noodles.

Moreover, instant noodles lacked the energy for the high-intensity labor of construction work.

Only those who do indoor and sedentary work would consume instant noodles.

Yun Xi received the second information source with no trouble.

After she had secured the information, she slithered away from the residential areas and onto the main road where she tried to hitchhike for rides into the city.

Unknown to Yun Xi, it was because of her disguise as a crazy beggar that she was saved from any life-threatening danger.

She tried to hitchhike with a few large cargo trucks, but the drivers were unwilling to stop and drop her off in the city.

It took a while for a small white van to appear on the horizon.

The driver of the van studied her crazy yet pitiful appearance and turned to the man in the front passenger seat as if he was seeking approval from the man.

“Why do you want to head in town” The driver studied her foolish smile and asked with a frown.

“Mother sick, I sell…sell this, for, for money…” Yun Xis words were slurred as she stuttered and her hand clung to the dirty nylon bag and her face maintained the foolish smile.

The pitiful words slightly moved the man in the front passenger seat.

He nodded.

“Then get in.

But keep your eyes to yourself, and dont talk.”

Yun Xi nodded and dragged the nylon bag full of empty bottles with her as the car door was pulled open by someone from inside the van.

To her surprise, the van was jam-packed with men.

She wore her foolish smile as she hastily looked through the men who were in the truck.

Their faces carried a murderous menace, and they did not seem to look like any ordinary law-abiding citizens.

Oh, no! She thought that she had gotten herself into a black taxi.

She prayed that her disguise as a fool would last long enough for her to get into the city and depart.

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The man who had opened the car door for her gestured toward a small step by the corner of the car door, “You sit there.

We will tell you to get off when we reach the city.

Do you understand”

Yun Xi maintained her foolish smile and nodded, and she hugged her nylon bag as she curled herself up into the corner of the car door.

The car door closed with a slam and the interior of the car fell into a darkness.

Yun Xi ducked her head down and quickly adjusted to the darkness around her.

The cabin was narrow and packed with people.

She could count at least ten people squeezed into the car like sardines, with the two in the front seats, there were 12 people in the car.

Yun Xi curled up in the corner as she slowly retrieved the props she had prepared in her pocket.

She pulled out a couple of crumpled pieces of dollar bills, every one of dirty with dog ears at every corner.

Yun Xi carefully evened the bills out.

She turned to look at the men closest to her as she passed the few papers in her hand toward him, “I…I dont…dont have money…”

The man knew she wanted to pay for the car fee, and he scanned the notes in her palms carelessly before waving her off..

“No need!”

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