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Chapter 1232: Her Death

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Yun Xi pretended to be slightly stunned by his gesture and put her money back carefully with a childlike smile.

Not knowing which part of her actions had triggered his sense of compassion, she was surprised when the man took out some money and gave it to her.

“Take it! How can you seek a cure for your mothers illness with no money”

Yun Xi raised her head in disbelief before finally reaching her trembling hands out and taking the money with a silly giggle, thanking him with a stutter, “Th…thank you.”

As she lowered her head, the man who had given her the money withdrew his hand and, under his coat, she could see a black gun that had been pinned to the belt at his waist.

Yun Xi didnt dare to stare, but lowered her head and carefully folded the bills one by one, pulled out a red plastic bag, and put them in it.

This really was a black car! The people within the car were carrying guns, which meant that they werent ordinary people.

Judging by their appearances and the hostility on their faces, they didnt seem to be undercover police officers from the public security department.

Instead, they looked like real hooligans.

Street hooligans, however, rarely have guns, and those who have guns were usually criminals of no ordinary status.

What kind of sh*t luck did she have to have stopped a black car that was full of really bad criminals.

The men in the car watched her carefully, and quite a few of the men actually felt a few pangs of heartache.

Some of them had wives and children at home, and, seeing such a poor, deranged girl, they felt as if they had something stuck in their throats.

To relieve the gloominess in the car, a man in the back seat started to talk: “Boss, are you sure that girl is really in City A If we cant find her, were going to get in trouble when we get back.”

The man in the passenger seat frowned and said, “Whats all this nonsense The boss said that this person is in City A.

We just need to find her, bring her back, and then we can get the money.”

“With so little information, how are we supposed to know where exactly that person is in the city City A is pretty big.”

“There is also no further news from the top.

Lets continue searching while waiting for any notification.

We will strike as soon as there is some news.”

“But Boss, this girl is a directors daughter.

If the police decide to interfere and we are all arrested, we will not have any life left to spend that money.”

They are burdened with so many blood debts, any one of them who got captured could be sentenced to life in prison.

“So what The position of Chief of the Urban Construction Bureau is a fancy job, and Yun Yuanfeng has plenty of money.

You can extort as much as you want from him.

Even if the police intervene, we will have the hostage and the people in charge have also arranged a way out for us.

What else do we need to worry about Once the job is done, not only will we get money from the people in charge, but we can also blackmail Yun Yuanfeng.”

“Hey boss, youre still the smartest…”

Yun Xi, holding her bag close to her heart, heard the words Yun Yuanfeng and was secretly shocked.

However, she didnt dare to show the slightest look of shock on her face.

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She wasnt sure exactly how many pairs of eyes were watching her, and once she showed any strange expressions, she might be silenced permanently.

The fact that they dared to discuss their kidnapping plans in front of her, an outsider, meant that they didnt regard her as a normal person.

The moment she revealed anything normal, what would await her would be her own death.

The black car soon arrived in the city.

At an intersection at the edge of the city, the driver stopped the car and let Yun Xi get out.

Yun Xi got out of the car clutching her bag, giggling to herself, and nodding toward them to say thanks.

The van whistled away from her.

She turned her head and looked around and walked to the place labeled as a scrap collection station.

She knew that the car that she had just gotten out of could still see her figure in its rearview mirror, and she had to continue to put on her act for a little bit longer..

She waited until the car had disappeared completely before she stood up tall, looking like herself.

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