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Chapter 1234: Nabbing the Criminals

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Yi Qianmo followed Grey Wolfs directions and drove the car toward the city.

Driving around the downtown area, the car very soon came upon Mu Feichis Special Forces, who he had dispatched to meet up with them.

Then, their four cars took off in four different directions trying to track down the white van.

Sitting in the car with Yi Qianmo, Yun Xi wiped her face clean as she listened on her phone to the route laid out by Grey Wolf.

Soon they took a shortcut in order to intercept the van head on.

The three other cars containing the Special Forces were also ordered to converge on the van from the surrounding alleyways.

They all began to carry out a pincer attack with the goal of forcing the van out of the town center.

No sooner had the plan been put into effect than the van spotted the car behind them that appeared to be tailing them, and it began to pick up speed, racing down the road.

Yun Xi and Yi Qianmo continued to drive head on as instructed by Grey Wolf.

However, they didnt see the van approaching and fearing that Grey Wolf had made a mistake, Yun Xi called Grey Wolf.

“Since when dont you trust me The Special Forces are starting to force the car in your direction from the city.

As there are only two of you, another group of the Special Forces will meet up with you before you make contact with the van.

Just wait at the best ambush spot, which Ive designated, before you hurt any innocent people in the city.”

Yun Xis objective also was to avoid hurting innocent people, and so, in the end, Yi Qianmo drove the car to the designated location.

When Yi Qianmos car got to the spot, Mu Feichis Special Forces team had not yet arrived.

The area that Grey Wolf had chosen as the best spot for their meet-up was a place where the urban area bordered the suburbs.

It was surrounded by flat wasteland and very sparsely populated.

It was indeed a good place for an ambush.

The phone they were communicating on stayed connected, and Grey Wolf was reporting the approach of the criminals vehicle live.

There were several people on the line.

Stopping at an intersection, Yun Xi looked toward her left at the van that had been forced to the meeting spot by two of the Special Forces cars.

She was just about to get out of the car when she saw, on her right, a Jeep charging fast toward the van.

Before Yun Xi could react, the Jeep had already crashed into the van that was directly in front of her.

The frontal collision stopped the criminals vehicle immediately.

That impact was then followed by the two cars that were following behind hitting it again from the left and right.

Thus, the three cars halted the van instantly, and the members of the Special Forces team who quickly emerged from the cars immediately aimed their guns at the van.

The Special Forces members in the lead and armed with guns yelled at the people in the van, “Drop your weapons and get out with your hands up!”

The people in the van got out with their hands up, looking fearfully at the Special Forces team members who were standing around them in

their dark green uniforms.

All of them looked confused as they got out of the van with their hands up.

Yun Xi was about to get out of the car when she was pulled back by Yi Qianmo.

“You can get out later.”

The 12 men in the car were quickly restrained by twice that number of Special Forces officers.

They were then handcuffed and ordered to squat by the roadside.

Seven pistols were seized from them.

Then Yun Xi was allowed to get out of the car.

She looked at the group of men squatting on the ground, searching for the man who had given her the money.

The man raised his head at the sound of her voice and was completely stunned when he saw her.

Especially now, with her clean face and bright, clear eyes, she didnt look like the crazy girl in the car anymore.

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“You…its you!”

Yun Xi nodded with a half-smile and squatted down next to him.

“You were the only one in the whole car with a good heart.

Why dont you tell me who bribed you to kidnap me”

“You…” The mans pupils contracted as his eyes widened in shock.

The others heard their conversation and looked up in disbelief at the crazy girl who was standing before them and who had previously gotten into their car.

Never could they have imagined that she was the target of their kidnapping attempt!

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