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Chapter 1235: Betrayal

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“How can it be you…”

The criminals all looked at her as they squatted by the roadside, with disbelief written all over their faces.

“Well, Im sorry, but it really is me.

You guys were lucky to have stumbled upon me, but unfortunately your eyes werent very good.”

Crossing her arms, Yun Xi looked at the man who was sitting in front of her and said sarcastically, “Considering that you still have a modicum of conscience, if you tell me who sent you to kidnap me, I will let you go.

You will not be held responsible for this matter anymore.

If not, however…”

Yun Xi stood up and scanned the crowd of criminals.

She knew that the man in the passenger seat was their boss.

He had actually brought 12 people with him in order to kidnap her.

He really must have thought it would take a lot of effort.

“If you dont spill the beans, youll be in jail for the rest of your lives.”

“We havent done anything yet.

Even if we go to jail, well be out in only a few years.

You dont scare us.”

“Yeah! No matter how capable Yun Yuanfeng is, hes not capable of making us sit in jail for the rest of our lives.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and scoffed.

“Yes, he is incapable, but the head of these Special Forces, Mu Feichi, Young Commander Mu, do you think he is capable”

“Mu, Young Commander Mu…”

They all raised their heads to look at Yun Xi, and for a moment, all of them had the same look of panic on their faces.

HMMM! “Yes, thats who Im talking about.

Who else do you think has the ability to mobilize the most elite Special Forces to intercept you If you have the sense to do so, you will tell us the truth, or else you will spend the rest of your lives in jail.

Its as you wish.”

After a short pause, Yun Xi gave the group a condescending glance and continued, “Some of you must have wives and children, right If you spend the rest of your lives behind bars and die of old age in jail, I bet you will miss your families, wont you If you confess now, I can let you go.

After all, you didnt really kidnap me yet.

I just want to know who is responsible for hiring you, and I will settle the score with them.”

“Do…do you mean what you say” The man who had given Yun Xi the money looked at her with a twinkle in his eye, then looked at his own boss who hadnt said anything, and stared at him with anguished eyes.

“Boss, its not worth risking the rest of our lives when were offered a deal like this.

Besides, were now in their hands.

Not only will we not get our money, but also well lose our lives.

Thats too much of a loss.”

“Shut up! You little punk, dont you have any work ethic”

“Boss! Were working for the money, not for them personally.”

“Yeah, yeah, boss, if we can be spared by telling the truth, we can still go into other business…”

“Shut up, all of you! Do you really think she will let us go if we talk”

Ultimately, he was the boss.

He was more cautious and careful in what he said and did than the others.

Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle as she walked up to the boss.

“I will keep my word.

Of course, I can only give one of you the chance to choose.

The chance is short.

Dont blame me if you miss it.”

“Ill tell you! Ill tell you!” The man who had given her the money stood up as soon as hed heard that she was only giving one person a chance.

“Good!” Yun Xi nodded, and with a wave of her hand, the members of the Special Forces escorted the other men to the car one at a time.

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“Traitorous bastard who betrayed his brethren!”

“You better watch out, you rat!”

“…” When someone betrays his teammates, the others were left in a state of disbelief, and soon all sorts of curses were spewing out nonstop.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and turned her head to look at the man who had stayed behind.

The corners of her mouth were turned up in a smirk.

“All right, you can speak now.”

“Ill tell you.” The man looked at her with trepidation as he prepared to confess.

“The person who approached us to kidnap you is from the Han family.

Its a woman, but we dont know her name.

It was just a mission that had been relayed to us through someone from above..

We only accept the mission and dont ask about the rest.”

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