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Chapter 1237: A Bomb! Run!

When they arrived back in the city, Yun Xi got to witness Yi Qianmo gathering intel disguised as a woman.

She thought it was quite an interesting sight.

As it was a working day, there werent too many people in the shopping mall.

Yi Qianmos mission had been set in the shopping mall.

However, as he was working, she couldnt follow him, so she pretended to be shopping in the mall.

After buying and changing into a fresh set of clothing, Yun Xi sat by a fountain to eat her lunch while waiting for Yi Qianmo to complete his mission.

Pigeons were roaming around the plaza, and people were buying birdseed to feed them.

After lunch, Yun Xi purchased a bag of birdseed.

She then sat down on a bench and started feeding the pigeons while watching her surroundings vigilantly.

Even if she could be more relaxed now, she knew she couldnt lower her guard fully.

Yun Xi was feeling relieved after almost getting abducted, and she knew that she couldnt afford to not be cautious.

For Han Wanling to hire someone to kidnap Yun Xi, she must have been feeling anxious over all the conflicts going on in Jingdu.

Everyone thought it was the Qiao familys doing what had happened to the Han family.

Yun Xi had not expected Han Wanling to attack her.

This woman sure knew how to dig her own grave.

However, Yun Xi could understand why Han Wanling had done it.

Soon it was going to be the socialite ball, and it was almost impossible to solve her familys crisis.

Once the Han family declared bankruptcy and was kicked out of the big four wealthiest families, Han Wanling would no longer be considered an heiress.

If that were to happen, she would also lose her qualification to attend the socialite ball.

With Han Wanlings arrogance and her crazy desire to get close to Mu Feichi, she would never give up on this excellent opportunity to turn around her familys situation.

The Han family had gotten into trouble because of Yun Xi, so it was reasonable for Han Wanling to target her.

But it was a pity that she had messed with the wrong person.

Time was slowly slipping away.

It was getting dark, as the days had become shorter during autumn.

Yun Xi looked at her phone.

It was almost the time she and Yi Qianmo had agreed to meet.

Just as she was about to leave, someone sat down beside her.

She turned instinctively to look, but the person suddenly walked away, leaving behind a black carrier bag and quickly disappearing into the crowd.

Yun Xi was stunned for a moment.

Just as she was about to call out to the person, her keen ears picked up a soft ticking sound coming from the bag.

When Yun Xi looked up again, the man in black was already gone.

She immediately threw away the birdseed that was in her hands and quickly opened up the black bag.

Upon opening it, Yun Xi gasped when she saw a bomb with a digital timer strapped to it.

She felt her heart stop at that moment, and she shivered as a sudden chill ran down her spine.

Yun Xi had no experience dismantling a bomb.

She had very little knowledge about bombs at all.

It looked like an improvised bomb, and she didnt have a clue how to dismantle it.

Her hands were shaking as she called Yi Qianmo, “Come over to the fountain now! Theres a bomb here.”

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Yun Xi then climbed onto the bench and shouted at everyone in the surrounding area, “A bomb! Run!”

Everyone stopped to look at her.

After she shouted for the second time, someone screamed and quickly ran away from the square.

Soon, the rest began running away frantically too.

Yi Qianmo ran over anxiously, ignoring his messy wig.

He then kneeled on the ground and looked nervously at the bomb.

After surveying the bomb, Yi Qianmo carefully pulled out the connected red, blue, and green wires.

He gritted his teeth and said solemnly, “Hand me the scissors in your bag.

Hurry up!”

Yun Xi hurriedly emptied everything from her bag.

She found the scissors and shakily handed them to Yi Qianmo.

“Do you know how to do it I have no experience in dismantling a bomb…”

“I am an antiterrorism specialist, so what do you think”

Yi Qianmo scoffed.

He then turned back to the bomb and carefully checked each wire.

Yun Xi stood beside him, and she was so nervous that she may even have forgotten to breathe.

But looking at how serious and careful Yi Qianmo was, she suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of respect for him..

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