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Chapter 1240: Stunned by My Beauty

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Yi Qianmo doesnt need to worry about Yun Xis interrogation skills.

The only things that he was concerned about were her bomb disposal skills and her spontaneous response to emergencies.

If her ability to adapt had been inadequate, she would panic if something like this ever happened again.

Yi Qianmo had no intention to train her as a Special Forces soldier.

However, she was destined to be someone extraordinary, so she must learn to protect herself.

Be it as the Young Commanders wife or the wife of a family head in the future, she would inevitably become the top target of many people.

Compared to counterterrorism knowledge, learning to protect herself would be extremely essential.

“Im only giving you 50 points for your performance today.

You failed.”

“What Why I didnt run away from it.”

“I know, but you panicked when you saw the bomb just now.

Thats a weakness, as you dont know how to dismantle a bomb.

Even if youre not afraid, it could still be a fatal problem.”

Yi Qianmo started lecturing her seriously, and Yun Xi could only nod and agree with him.

Yun Xi had indeed been scared just now.

Although she had not backed off and run away, she really didnt know how to dismantle the bomb.

“You will learn how to do it when we go back to Tianyu Mountain.” Yi Qianmo waved his hand dismissively.

“Lets go and get changed.”

Someone had called the police, so more and more police cars were arriving in the area.

When Yi Qianmo saw a policeman walking toward them, he went forward to explain what had happened and then left with Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi called them shortly after they got into their car.

He told them to go to the rooftop helipad of the business complex in City A.

After Yi Qianmo and Yun Xi changed their clothes, they slowly made their way to the rooftop of the business complex.

Their timing was just right.

The helicopter arrived soon after they reached the rooftop, with its propellers whipping up huge gusts of wind.

Someone jumped out of the helicopter, his dark green camouflage uniform flapping in the wind generated by the helicopters propellers.

Large sunglasses covered most of the mans handsome face, making his normal stern face look even more serious.

As he walked, the dull clunking sound of his black boots blended with the propellers noise.

As Mu Feichi walked toward them, his gaze fell upon Yun Xi.

After making sure she was unharmed, he turned to look at Yi Qianmo, who was dressed in womens clothing.

Looking at them dressed like a pretty lady and a beggar, Mu Feichi didnt know whether he should laugh or cry.

Mu Feichi said nothing.

He grabbed Yun Xi and walked toward the helicopter with a stern face.

Yi Qianmo followed and climbed into the helicopter after them.

All three sat in the back and put on the noise-canceling earphones.

No one said anything since they couldnt hear each other anyway.

Once they arrived at Tianyu Mountain, Yi Qianmo immediately requested to discuss the bomb-disposal matter with Li Zilan.

He successfully avoided becoming a third wheel to the couple.

It would be better to leave because if he wasnt careful, he might get into trouble with Mu Feichi too.

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Yun Xi was left standing awkwardly in front of Mu Feichi as he glared at her from behind his sunglasses.

Feeling a chill running down her spine, she shuddered and took a step back.

Standing in front of such an imposing man, Yun Xi felt a little overwhelmed by the strong and stern soldierly aura coming off him.

In the end, Yun Xi could only act innocent by playing dumb.

She ran toward the man with a big bright smile, “Is the Young Commander stunned by my beauty”

Mu Feichi grunted.

Looking at this face with its big smile, he couldnt flare up at her no matter how angry he was.

“Yeah, right!” Mu Feichi poked her forehead with his finger.

He grunted haughtily and turned to walk into the living room.

Yun Xi touched her face and then immediately ran after him..

She stretched out her hands to grab his arm, but he pushed her away with disdain.

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