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Chapter 1244: A Pawn

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Yun Xi gave a light laugh.

Then she took the glasses they had removed from the man and studied them closely.

There was a single strand of hair from the man attached to the glasses.

She carefully removed the strand of hair from the glasses.

With a smile, she turned to Qi Yuan and asked him, “Could you please hand me a Ziploc bag.”

Although Qi Yuan didnt know what she wanted the bag for, he unhesitatingly passed a clear evidence bag from the interrogation room to her.

“You see, who sent you is not that important to me.

Who you are, thats more important to me.”

Yun Xi gave the evidence bag in her hands a light shake.

The bag was empty except for the one strand of hair she had found.

“Once I verify your identity, you will become my best pawn in this game.”

The mans gaze shifted.

It slowly changed to a more cautious one as his facial muscles tightened.

He had suddenly put his guard up.

His reaction was exactly what Yun Xi had been looking for, and she smiled at the young man sitting on the bed.

Pitching her voice a little higher to make herself sound more enthusiastic, she continued, “Oh yeah, good news! Han Hongbin was released this morning, but I guess you would have already known that.”

The name had struck a chord with him.

Yun Xi had brought Han Hongbin into the conversation on purpose, and it was not a well-intentioned purpose.

The mans expression froze as his eyes locked on Yun Xi.

Almost instantly, he managed to recover and return to the flippant expression that hed been wearing before.

The transition was so smooth that the change in his expression was barely noticeable.

However, it was noticeable to Yun Xi whose sights were dead set on the man.

It was an instantaneous change that others would fail to catch, but she was different.

She had asked the questions with the very intention of catching the man off guard, so she was naturally more sensitive to any changes in his reactions.

His cover was practically seamless.

He must have been a trained professional, as well as a criminal prodigy.

Yi Qianmo listened to their exchange silently.

His sharp gaze keenly observed the expressions and body language of the man throughout their exchange.

Careful observation skills and judgment were important in his job as an antiterrorism expert.

He was also a skillful negotiator.

The interrogation that Yun Xi was carrying out seemed rather confusing to Yi Qianmo, but he could see that every sentence from Yun Xi had been a direct hit on the mans vulnerable spots.

It had seemed to the man that Yun Xi had picked up on his identity.

“I have nothing much to ask.

I just want to know if you were the creator of the bomb”

Finally, he had caught a break from the interrogation from Yun Xi.

The man turned to Yi Qianmo and sneered, “Its true.

I made it!”

“You really have a talent for it.

Its a shame, you should watch your creation at work before you leave.

It will really help to prevent any bomb experts from disarming your bomb and ruining your plans.”

Pausing, Yi Qianmos eyes wandered over to examine the state of the man.

He looked like a man who knew he would be sentenced to prison for a very long time.

Yi Qianmo continued, but it was almost as if he was talking to himself, “But I doubt you will be getting out any time soon.”

“You disarmed the bomb” The man had left after placing the bomb and had only heard the sounds of explosion during the chase.

His plans had been foiled just in time by the young girl before him.

Her timely arrival had been a signal that the plans he was sure would succeed had gone down the drain.

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To the question, Yi Qianmo gave no reply.

He offered the man a cold smile and turned to leave.

As the two exited the control room, Yi Qianmo spotted Mu Feichi who had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

He turned to Yun Xi who was walking behind him.

He gave her a surprised look.

“You could guess who sent him” Yi Qianmo asked out of curiosity.

“As I said, thats not important.

Whats more important right now is to find out who he is.”

Yun Xi casually wobbled the evidence bag in her hands.

She handed the bag to Qi Yuan and whispered her instructions, “Could you find me a sample of Han Hongbins hair or a blood test.”

It was time for her to test her hypothesis.

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