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Chapter 124: Being a Wannabe Will Only Quicken Your Downfall

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Yun Xi took a step back and looked Liang Xinyi up and down.

Liang Xinyis somewhat dim-witted appearance was perhaps quite similar to what hers had been in her last life.

When she thought of who she used to be, she felt appalled inside.

But compared to her ignorant past self, the Liang Xinyi at present was more calculating than she had ever been.

At the very least, after realizing that she had been played, she knew what to ask.

“You dont know what happened last night If Young Marshal Mus jade seal had appeared in your bag, you would be in prison today.”

“I…I dont know what youre talking about!”

Liang Xinyis eyes widened immediately, and there was an expression of panic, as well as helplessness, in her eyes.

Seeing that she seemed to have grasped the situation a little, Yun Xi chuckled.

“Do you think that your life is better than mine, and my mother will protect you Actually, she will only push you out to be the scapegoat, because you arent from the Yun family.

That way she can pin all the blame on you while the Yun family gets off scot-free.

You will go to jail for my mother, and well go home without any consequences.

Besides, your mother only knows that youre in Jingdu, so youre a superfluous person in the Yun family.

If you go to jail, who will care about you”

“You…” Liang Xinyi shivered, and, upon thinking of the consequences that Yun Xi had just mentioned, she started to panic inside.

It was true.

She was helpless in Jingdu, and the only person she could rely on was Liang Xiuqin.

But if Liang Xiuqin treated her like an abandoned orphan, then there would be no use for her anymore and she would have to go back to the countryside in shame.

No! She didnt want to go back! She would rather die then return to those miserable mountains in the middle of nowhere!

“How on earth did you…how did you put the jade seal back How did you get the watch from the Jiang familys second young master You obviously could have framed me, but…”

That was something she couldnt understand.

How on earth did this wretched girl manage to do all of that

What she couldnt understand was why the wretched girl hadnt planted the jade seal on her, but instead had planted the watch on Yun Ziling.

If, as she said, she could have sent her to jail with that jade seal, then Yun Xi could have gotten rid of her easily.

But she didnt.

She just played Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin, and nothing had happened to her.

This was unusual, and a feeling of apprehension terrified her.

“But I didnt…”

Yun Xi chuckled lightly, and her clear eyes were bright and energetic without the slightest hint of mischief.

She wasnt going to tell Liang Xinyi about how she did it.

She simply changed the subject.

“So, you thought that I wanted to torture you slowly You were afraid, so you stopped me.”

“What nonsense are you talking about! I have Aunt to support me, so why would I be afraid of you!”

As she said this, even Liang Xinyi herself felt that she was lacking in confidence.

But she just didnt want Yun Xi to look down on her, nor did she want to be inferior to her.

She hadnt gotten her this time.

Perhaps because she was lucky, or perhaps because she was busy dealing with Yun Ziling so she had no time to deal with her.

She was not afraid of her.

“Thats good.

Liang Xinyi, Im the Yun familys eldest child.

From now on, you better learn your place, because being a wannabe will only quicken your downfall.”

If Liang Xinyi was clever, she would leave herself a strategy to deal with Liang Xiuqin, so that in the future she wouldnt be stranded when things went sour between them.

Once there was internal conflict in Liang Xiuqins camp, that would be the best opportunity for her to jump ship.

Of course, she still had Yun Chuhan to use as a protector.

If she wasnt clever enough, that would be all right, also, because on Liang Xiuqins way to ruin, she would drag Liang Xinyi down as well and therefore save Yun Xi the effort.

Without waiting for Liang Xinyi to wrap her head around all these various scenarios, she passed her by and got on the bus.

Since she hadnt been able to get the reasons for what she had done out of her, Liang Xinyi stomped her feet in frustration.

However, she wasnt willing to suffer the humiliation of taking the bus home.

All she could do was turn around and return to the classroom to find Yun Ziling so they could take the family car home together.

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