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Chapter 1246: An Untapped Resource

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Yun Xi had anticipated the showdown between Han Wanling and Qiao Ximin.

Yun Xi had previously arranged for Grey Wolf to set up secret surveillance cameras, and they were waiting for Han Wanling to take the bait.

Her wishes for Qiao Ximin differed from her wishes for Han Wanling.

She preferred giving Qiao Ximin misfortune more than real tragedies.

However, if her current plan was able to catch two birds with one stone, intensify the conflict between the two families, and even bring the Han Corporation to bankruptcy, she did not see it as a bad plan.

In her last life, Qiao Ximin had not only taken Han Yaotian from her, but she had plotted with him to destroy her physical appearance and even sent her to her death.

Yun Xi had decided to put the past behind her and leave Qiao Ximin and Han Yaotian to destroy each other in this life.

The situation was going according to her plan.

The leader of the kidnapping ring had contacted the others and had kidnapped Qiao Ximin.

The scene of the kidnapping had unfolded on the security monitor before Yun Xi.

As she casually took a sip of her hot milk tea, Yun Xi wondered if she had gone a bit too far with this method.

However, she knew that it was ultimately the best way to bring the Han family to their downfall.

But Yun Xi was not sympathetic.

What Qiao Ximin was going through would be a mere scare compared to the pain Yun Xi had gone through in her past life.

Yun Xi thought that in fact she was being rather kind in her actions.

The leader of the kidnapping ring had finally gotten into contact with Han Wanling.

After he had learned that Han Wanling would be heading over personally, he had immediately notified Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had given him better compensation than Han Wanling had, and he had no qualms about betraying Han Wanling.

Regardless, Han Wanling was sponsoring the kidnapping.

The only fault was that they had made a mistake in the person they were supposed to kidnap.

All else remained the same.

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi sat quietly in the control room.

Mu Feichi shot her a look.

He knew Yun Xi was worried that Han Wanling would not fall into the trap, yet she insisted on putting on a composed front.

He thought that she was being rather silly.

“Youve got everything under control, but why are you still so stressed, babe If you are worried, Im always here to help.

If she does not show, I will simply ask someone to bring her there.

Besides, she planned the kidnapping, she cant run away from that fact.”

“…” Yun Xi nearly choked on her milk tea.

She whipped her head around in annoyance.

“I can handle this myself.

She promised to go over.

Too many cooks will spoil the broth.” She shot him a glare.

“What if she does not appear Do you have a backup plan”

“Of course.

Theres always a possibility this that will happen, so I have a backup plan ready.”

She was willing to make this bold move because she had a good grasp of Han Wanlings character.

If Han Wanling did not show, it would not be as easy to make another trap for her to fall into.

Today was a chance that had almost been handed to her by Han Wanling.

She needed to use the opportunity wisely.

“What about that guy in the cell If he is a son of Han Hongbin, what will you do with him”

“If he is, we will have lots to do.

Han Hongbin is not an easy opponent, Ive learned that since his release.

He has the account ledger, something so important.

Could it be that he is so lucky that he found that coincidentally, or was it something that belonged to him In other words, is he the real Crocodile No one knows.

He still has access to some power in Jingdu as well that even you, Young Commander, did not know about.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

Yun Xi was as clever as always.

The more intelligence she demonstrated, the more attractive she was to him.

“Good analysis.

The old fox has hidden his strengths well.

He even deceived me.

I thought I had control over Jingdu, but it seems as if he had an untapped resource we did not know about..

He must be released for a specific use so that we can use that to dig deeper.”

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