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Chapter 127: Hed Discovered a Treasure!

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On Thursday, the test results came out.

Almost everyone was shocked by Class Threes test scores.

Even Mr.

Xu, the homeroom teacher, was surprised to see Yun Xis grades.

The teachers had all expected that the two new students who had just transferred might be at the bottom of the class.

They certainly hadnt expected this…

Suddenly, Mr.

Xu realized that it was not an ordinary student who had been sent to their school, but rather an academic star.

In this third year of high school, the college entrance examination would be held soon, and the principal had always prioritized their college acceptance rate.

Hed originally thought that accepting two transfer students at the end of the semester wouldnt disrupt the school too much.

But he hadnt expected to have an academic star sent to them.

She could perhaps even be the future college entrance examination champion.


Xu, are you sure that there was no cheating involved”

Seeing Yun Xi getting first place in her class and second and third places in the whole grade, the principal was afraid that he could be rejoicing over nothing.

The first place in the first class was only ten points higher than the first place in the third class, and these ten points were deducted from the subjects of politics, geography, and history respectively.

In the first few days of school, there had only been one class for geography, history, and politics, so only losing a few points was already very exceptional in the eyes of the two teachers.

But compared to the full marks in biochemistry and physics, those three teachers felt that they had to be modest.

As the teacher in charge of the class, Mr.

Xu felt as if hed discovered a treasure.

For so many years, the top students of all the grades had been concentrated in the first and second classes, and the third class had been insulted by the first and second classes, and treated as if they were just a spare tire.

But now as the rankings for the entire grade came out, their class was ranked in second place.

After having been embarrassed for so many years, they could finally gloat.

“Principal, I must tell you that the two transfer students are cousins.

The older cousin has really tried her best to discredit her younger cousin and has encouraged the whole class to ostracize her.

She is also superstitious and has spread rumors about people getting jinxed if they touch her.

On the day of the exam, her desk was moved to the back by her classmates before shed even arrived in the classroom, and thus she was completely isolated like an island.

Even if shed wanted to cheat, she couldnt have.”

Chinese was the first exam subject.

As soon as hed entered the classroom, hed seen Yun Xi, isolated all the way in the back, and to be honest he had been quite annoyed.

Hed hoped that she could prove herself, but hed never expected her to do so with such flying colors.

“Furthermore, shes come from the countryside, and the textbooks in the countryside are different from those in Jingdu.

The level of difficulty in Jingdu is obviously much higher.

It is also a model of reference in the open-book examinations of various provinces and cities every year.

So her grades are all the more impressive.

Moreover, her essay was very well written and could be used as a model for the entire junior grade.”

The principal thought that Teacher Xu was simply talking big, so he consulted the teachers of all the other classes.

Unexpectedly, their opinions were unanimous, and all the teachers felt that her essay was written extremely well.

The teachers in Class 1 and Class 2 felt regret that she hadnt been in their classes.

But they werent worried that she would drag their whole classes down.

They werent going to abandon this star student.

If this student had been in their own classes, would Mr.

Yu be unhappy No.

They all felt solidarity.

“Since her grades are so good, then teach her well, and train a college entrance examination champion for our school!”

Teacher Xu triumphantly returned to the third class to announce the results.

There would be only two classes on Thursday afternoon because hed specifically arranged for the results to be announced during the third class period.

Teacher Xu was in a good mood and announced the results starting from the tenth place in the class.

From tenth to second, there was almost no suspense.

They were all top students and the leaders of the class.

The class leader, who always got first place but came second this time, was shocked and astonished.

“First place in our class, as none of you have probably guessed, belongs to the girl who is sitting in the last row.

It belongs to Yun Xi, who none of you wanted to sit at the same table with.”

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