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Chapter 1280: According to Plan

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Yun Xi finally understood why Mu Feichi had seemed so calm and not the slightest bit worried about not having money to pay their bill.

She had not realized that the store was a part of the Jiang Corporation.

Knowing that, she could sit back and patiently wait.

After all, it would take a while before Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling made their way here.

The area was sprawling with luxury boutiques and professional tailoring services.

If her mother wanted Yun Ziling to steal the spotlight, where else could she go

The store manager brought over two cups of coffee for them.

Compared to how nervous Yun Xi had been feeling, Mu Feichi had been completely at ease, and now he was relaxing on the couch, flipping through a magazine.

Since the two of them had arrived, the boutique had been made off limits to other visitors.

Soon enough, Jiang Chenghuan hurried over, and the manager waiting outside realized that Mu Feichi had really summoned the Young Master.

Meanwhile, a line of people were waiting impatiently at the door.

As soon as Jiang Chenghuan stepped into the store, he saw the lovely couple lounging on the couch.

He ran his eyes across Young Commander Mu, who had never before worn store-bought clothes, and waved his hand to usher away the group of assistants who had come forward to greet him.

Pausing, Jiang Chenghuan rubbed his chin and said with a scrutinizing gaze, “Third Bro Mu, you look ten years younger in this ensemble.”

Mu Feichi shot him a dirty look.

“You sure have a way with words.

Do I really seem that old to you”

“With her sitting next to you, what do you think”

Being able to target Mu Feichis vulnerabilities was highly rare.

Jiang Chenghuan continued to add fuel to the fire, saying with a smug expression, “Little Yun Xi, you sure have a good eye.

Instead of studying medicine, you should be under Ling Jings tutelage.

With your talents, you could be hired to manage the wardrobes of each and every season for the three of us right after you graduate.”

Women had an eye for certain things that men could never compete with.

“You wish!” Mu Feichi snorted lightly and said with a possessive look on his face, “Who are you to think you can boss my woman around”

Knowing that it could never happen, Jiang Chenghuan did not debate with him any further and just shook his head at the two of them.

“By the way, what were the two of you thinking Even if you wanted to elope, you should still carry some cash with you.

Although, if you really had no money, you couldve just left a tab open under your name.

My staff wouldnt have forced you to pay for it.”

He knew that Mu Feichi had never done something like that before.

He never owed anyone money, not even a bank.

Yet somehow today, hed run into these two who had come out without a single penny on them and needed him to come to their rescue.

No way was he letting them off the hook without teasing them a little.

Who would have thought that such a dignified military commander could have such an embarrassing moment

Mu Feichi raised his head and glanced nonchalantly at his friend who was standing in front of him.


They wouldnt dare force me to pay, and especially not you, which is why I had you come over to pay on my behalf.

Who better to rip off than you”

“…” Getting shot back at so blatantly, Jiang Chenghuan pursed his lips.

He wanted so badly to slap himself right then.

Out of the entire world, the worst person he could have provoked was this black-hearted tyrant.

He had literally been asking for it!

Shamelessly defeated, Jiang Chenghuan cast a pleading look at Yun Xi.

Tugging at Mu Feichis sleeves, Yun Xi stood up to ease the awkwardness.

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“Its getting late.

Come on, lets go catch a movie.

Young Master Jiang, well have to trouble you to settle our bill for now.

Just let Young Commander Mu know how much we owe you.”

Jiang Chenghuan saw from the corner of his eye the dejected and gloomy expression on Mu Feichi because his supposed ally had helped an outsider instead.

All of a sudden, he felt a sense of victory.

“No problem!” Jiang Chenghuan turned around and exchanged a few words with the store assistant.

Then the manager quickly handed him the authorization book for him to sign off on.

As soon as the three of them walked out of the store, Yun Xi saw two familiar figures on the opposite side entering a boutique on the same floor.

Yun Xi turned to look at Jiang Chenghuan and asked, “Is everything in place The targets have gone in.”

“Its all set.

Everythings going just as you planned!”

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