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Chapter 1283: Chose Her Path

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The store assistant rushed out and glanced at the vacant counter where she had been working as a cashier.

It was just as she had anticipated, so she did not bother to chase after them.

Instead, she turned and entered the VIP lounge next door to her.

In the VIP lounge, the other four assistants stood around the room, all seeming to be quietly waiting for the status update.

“Second Master Jiang, everything you have instructed us to do has been done.

They ran away and have taken the pink dress with them.

Its happened just as you expected, except that they left 1,000 yuan on the counter.”

All of the assistants had entered the VIP lounge to allow Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling the chance to make their move.

Evidently, Liang Xiuqin had not disappointed anyone.

After hearing the store assistants report, Jiang Chenghuan glanced at Yun Xi with admiration.

She really understood her mother very well.

She had explained to them in advance what they should say and do in order for those two to take the bait.

Thus they had been an easy target to catch.

“Okay, charge the remainder that they owe to my card, and, while youre at it, please go to the control room and bring me over the surveillance footage.

Ill explain everything to my cousin, so you dont have to worry about her.”

“Thank you, Second Master Jiang.

Ill head over right away.” After taking Jiang Chenghuans card from him and realizing that she was not going to be held accountable for any losses, she hurriedly went back to work, accompanied by the others.

After all the store assistants had left the room, Jiang Chenghuan turned to look at Yun Xi, who had not made a sound all this while, and cleared his throat before he said, “Little girl, Ive done my part.

Now the rest is up to you.”

“Thank you in advance.

In order to not have my mother go to jail and ruin her future forever, my father will personally send you the money for the dress later.

I wont be paying for it out of my own pocket.”

Since Liang Xiuqin had sabotaged herself this time, Yun Xi was not going to help clean up her mess again.

What was more, the best part of the show was yet to come.

“Never mind this little bit of money.

Im much more curious to know how you plan to thank me once all this is over.”

As soon as Jiang Chenghuan had asked to be thanked, Mu Feichi darted a glance at him and immediately his cold voice could be heard, saying, “How were you hoping for her to thank you”

“Uh…” Jiang Chenghuan immediately retracted his words.

“Never mind! Forget I said anything.

This was just for fun.

Since the shows over, Ill be going now.

See you at the dance tomorrow.”

Yun Xi nodded and waved good-bye to him, and then she finally turned toward Mu Feichi.

“Why dont you seem curious at all that I asked Jiang Chenghuan to do this”

“Im more curious as to how you were so certain your mother would take the bait.” Mu Feichi closed the magazine hed been looking at as he regarded her nonchalantly.

If her mother had had money, she would never have stolen the dress and fallen into Yun Xis trap.

Yun Xi knew that it was highly unlikely that even the wife of a director would be able to cough up 30,000 yuan for a dress.

It was obvious to Yun Xi that Liang Xiuqin did not have that amount of money.

“Because my mother is broke.

Since I have come back to town, I have been destroying all the power in her hands.

Shes now simply an idle housewife stuck at home with no money or power.

The only hope she has to get out of this rut is by marrying Yun Ziling off to a wealthy family, which is why shes been causing such a stir.

Her doing what she just did for Yun Ziling has pretty much crushed her own future.

She chose her own path, so she cant blame me for being cruel.”

One of the reasons why she had been so confident that her mother would take the bait was because she knew the woman had no money.

But more important, her mother had done something similar for Yun Ziling in her past life too.

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She just wanted to see if the desperate Liang Xiuqin would be as stupid as she had been in this life as well.

Obviously, all her assumptions had been correct.

Liang Xiuqin had an inferior nature, and even though she had become a directors wife, she was still foolish and short-sighted.

She had single-handedly sabotaged herself.

In comparison, her sister, Chen Lixue, was much stronger..

She had been able to bend, stretch, and tolerate, so it was no wonder that she was able to remain securely in the Su family for so long.

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