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Chapter 1284: Beyond Disappointed

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Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling returned home, feeling anxious.

When they finally came back to their senses and realized that they had done something stupid, it was too late.

Staring at the paper bag on the coffee table, Liang Xiuqin finally said something after a long silence, “Ziling, do you think what we did could be considered stealing”

Yun Ziling was still recovering from her feelings of panic.

They had returned home safely and had not been chased by the police or heard any news about them being wanted.

Did that mean that they were safe

However, it was the first time in her life that she had gone through such an ordeal.

She always had a great life, getting whatever she wanted.

Although she was not a daughter of a very rich family, she had never had to worry about food or clothes.

After that messenger of death, Yun Xi, had come back to Jingdu, her life had become more and more terrible with each passing day.

And now, she had even had to succumb to theft just to have a dress

The truth was they had just done a heist.

Thinking of how her mother had come up with such a bad idea, she couldnt help cursing her incompetence.

It was just a dress! If she couldnt even afford to buy her a dress, how could her mother expect her to marry into one of the rich families In her dreams…!

On the contrary, that so-called messenger of death Yun Xis life was getting better day by day.

Not only had she managed to claw her way into the good graces of the Chen family, she had even become friends with the second son of the Jiang family.

Yun Xi needed only to say the word to get herself invited to dances and dinners in upper-class society, whereas she had to use threats to receive an invitation.

The striking difference made it clear that they were living in different worlds.

Whenever she thought of that cursed Yun Xi and how that country bumpkin was able to step all over her, her heart filled with anger and resentment.

How dare she Who did she think she was

Without her around, all these things would have been hers, and she would be having a better and more dignified life than this.

But now, she had nothing in her life except humiliation and the disgust of others.

Liang Xiuqin waited for a long time, but she still hadnt heard Yun Zilings response.

The moment she looked up, she saw Yun Ziling staring back at her with resentment.

The look on her face was unlike her usual obedient self, and it made her feel a disturbing chill down her spine.

“Ziling…” Liang Xiuqin called out to her quizzically.

Then Yun Ziling came back to her senses.

She met Liang Xiuqins worried and gentle gaze, yet her expression still did not soften.

“Mom, you stole from them.

If word gets out, you could go to jail.”

“But I also left them money.

So how can that be considered stealing” Liang Xiuqin had never done such a thing before.

Calling it stealing made her feel dreadfully guilty.

“Youre not really out of money, are you You couldnt even take out 30,000 yuan”

“Honey, I really am.

After the health spa closed down, Ive been stuck in a rut.

Your dad only gives me a tiny bit of money each month.

The money your third uncle gives to take care of your grandfather is now all in Yao Yings hands.

In addition to buying you clothes and giving you pocket money, how is there anything left”

Seeing Liang Xiuqin crying about how poor she was right now, Yun Ziling could not believe it at all.

How could she not have any money stowed away after living in the Yun household for so many years

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What was more, shed said that she had prepared a dowry for her a long time ago.

Wasnt a dowry supposed to be in the form of money

“What about the money you scammed from Liang Xinyi before Did you spend it all”

“In order to win back your dads heart, all the money was spent on purchases for him.

Theres nothing left.”

“What about my dowry Dont tell me you spent all my dowry as well”

“…” Liang Xiuqin had originally saved a little dowry for her, but when shed been short of money to spend, shed thought that since her daughter would be marrying into a wealthy family, not having that little bit of dowry money wouldnt make much difference, so she had simply spent it all.

Obviously, there was no dowry money left.

As soon as Yun Ziling saw her expression, she knew that her dowry had been flushed down the drain by her mothers stupidity.

She was beyond disappointed with Liang Xiuqin.

She couldnt even find the words to express her anger at all.

“Ziling, you dont need to worry about that.

When the time comes for you to get married, Mom will have a proper dowry saved up for you.

Youre still young, there are at least a few years before you get married.

I promise Ill have your dowry ready for you!”

“Well talk about that another time.”

Yun Ziling was tired of talking to her mother..

She grabbed the paper bag and marched up the stairs, leaving Liang Xiuqin alone and anxious in the living room.

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