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Chapter 1286: Dress Trouble

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Coincidentally, Yao Ying had just come home and could not help but turn to

look at Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling when she heard Yun Xis words.

She knew Liang Xiugins financial standing.

Forget tens of thousands, she

could barely afford a 1,000-yuan dress.

Seeing as how she did not have any

income now, there was no way she could buy whatever she pleased so casually

Especially not a hand-made dress by The Beauty.

No matter how she thought

about it, it did not seem like it was something she could afford.

“Second Aunt, youre back!” Yun Xi turned her head.

Liang Xiugin was afraid

that she would ask further questions, so she hurried over and pulled Yun Ziling


Before leaving, Yun Ziling asked curiously, “Sister, youre not going to the

party hosted by the Jiangs tonight, are you

“I gave the only two invitations I could get my hands on to you both, didnt 1 If

Mom doesnt wanna go, you can give me your invitation, and Ill go instead of


There was no way Liang Xiugin would give up the chance to attend such an


Thus, as soon as she spoke, Liang Xiugin rushed to interrupt he.

The invitation has my name on it.

What does it have to do with you Your

sister and I will suffice to represent our family at the party.

Why would you

need to go Do you even have a formal dress

Yun Xi shrugged.

Hearing Liang Xiuqins response, she stopped dillydallying

and waved her off coolly.

“Then, you better get going.

Dont waste your time

around here.

Second Aunt, shall we go have some soup in the dining room and

have a talk”

“Okay.” Yao Ying glanced at the mother-and-daughter pair and knew that Yun

Xi had something to say to her, so she did not say anything else.

She turned

around and went right into the dining room.

As soon as the two of them were alone, Yao Ying immediately looked at Yun Xi

and asked in a hushed tone, “What has happened When did your mother get so

rich Did she have some rainy day fund secretly stashed away

Thats impossible! Didnt she spend every single penny she had on herself,

buying clothes and hiring herself a tutor just to win back my dads heart Im

afraid she may have even used up all of Yun Zilings dowry money.

Theres no

way she has anything left.”

“Then how could she afford that dress for Yun ziling Ive heard of the label

called The Beauty.

Their dresses cost a fortune.

Its highly rare for people in

Jingdu to be able to afford a dress like that.

No matter how much she was

willing to spend to spoil that Yun Ziling, theres no way she would dump so

much money just for that, right”

“Of course not.

She actually snatched the dress from the cashier of the


She merely left 1,000 yuan on the counter and fled the scene when no

one was watching.

Second Master jiang and I happened to pass by at the time.

The boutique belongs to his cousin, so he helped pay for the rest.


she wouldnt be sitting at home safe and sound.

She wouldve been locked away

at the police station by now.”

Yun Xi did not tell her second aunt about her ploy and just briefly talked about

what had happened.

After all, her aunt was a senior whom she respected.


didnt want her to see her dark side.

“Snatch Thats stealing! How could Liang Xiuqins brain even think of sucha

stupid thing to do And she even had you clean up her mess.

What absolute


“For the sake of Yun Ziling, what idiocy wont she do Yun Xi sneered.


she lowered her head and took out an entrance exam brochure for studies

abroad and handed it to her.

This is a competitive entrance exam for foreign


If you have time, you should bring Haozhe to participate in the


If his grades are good, foreign universities will give priority to

admissions, and then hell have the hance to study abroad.

Compared with the

competitive environment here, foreign countries are relatively liberating”

Local exam-oriented education was different from foreign education.

Since she

had been rebon, she knew of the pressure he would face in their countrys

future climate.

It was better for Yun Haozhe to learn abroad before returning to

work in China.

That way he could avoid the pressure of studying in their home


Yao Yings greatest hopes were in this son, so of course she was happy to know

that Yun Xi was concerned for Yun Haozhes future.

“Okay, Tll pass it to him when I pick him up later.

Ill let him talk to you if he

needs help understanding the details

Yun Xi nodded.

After informing the housekeeper that she was leaving, she

packed up her things.

Without hanging around much longer, she left home and

headed straight for the sentry post at Tianyu Mountain.

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