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Chapter 1287: Little Lover

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Yun Xi did not intend to miss out on all the fun at the party tonight, but she

certainly was not going to show up and be used by Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling

So she asked Jiang Chenghuan to let her dress up as a waitress and stand in

one of the least conspicuous positions.

As Mu Feichi came downstairs, he saw her putting down a thermal container in

the living room and made his way over.

He glanced at the simple food that did

not seem as if it had been prepared by his housekeeper.

“Why are you eating so early today

“I just came from my house.

Come have a taste of my aunties culinary skills.”

Mu Feichi sat down on the couch beside her and smiled.

“Did you go home just

to confirm that your mother was going to the party”

“Yes, but that wasnt the only reason.

My mother is definitely going.


even if she was worried she might get found out for stealing from the Jingdu

Tower, she has made it through the night peacefully.

Knowing her, she

probably thinks shes in the clear now.

I went home just to give my second aunt

a heads up so that she could be prepared if something happens.

I also wanted

to give my cousin a brochure about a competition for foreign education.”

“Whether its a power play or setting up a ploy, its always a good thing to

carefully consider every detail and factor.

At least then you can stay ten steps

ahead, and you wont have any issues outwitting that bunch of old foxes.”

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Mu Feichi raised his eyes and looked at the little vixen sitting next to him.


doubt she was the woman he was fated for.

She was becoming ever more

cunning by the day, as befitted a lady of the Mu house.

When the time came for

her to manage the Mu family businesses, he would not need to worry about her

getting bullied.

“Those old foxes have everything, wisdom, resources, experience, and power

How can I outwit them so easily You make them sound like they dont have

any brains”

“Even if they have brains, you arent too bad yourself, are you” Mu Feichi took

a sip of the soup and added nonchalantly, “I will take you to the party tonight,

but I wont be going in.”

“Huh Why not”

Mu Feichi squinted his eyes and pursed his lips ever so slightly.

“Take a wild


” Yun Xi looked at his laidback demeanor, frowned, and pondered for a long


“Is it because the host of the banquet is Yan Jiaren Dont tell me shes

one of the many women who are after you too”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and nodded with a chuckle.

“Babe, this woman is

not simple.

Dont ever underestimate her.

Since this is your ploy and youve

included her in it, then you cant look past any one of the key factors that

might ruin your chances.”

He did not want to screw up her plan.

He only wanted to give her time and

experience to hone herself at her own pace.

But if something really did happen,

well, she would still have him.

Yun Xi frowned and nodded, wondering what his words meant.


simple..since you think so highly of her, then I guess I really cant be careless

about her.”

Yan Jiarens beauty and talent had made her famous in Jingdu.

Even the proud

and esteemed Han Wanling, one of the heiresses of the big four wealthiest

families, could not compare to her.

Moreover, she had been studying abroad

for the last few years and had created her own haute couture Iine upon

retuning to China.

Her prestige in Jingdu was akin to that of the Prime

Ministers daughter.

Such an outstanding celebrity heiress being alongside Mu Feichi, a young

commander of the military: the two of them together did indeed sound like the

perfect match.

However, Mu Feichis reaction made her feel a little bit puzzled.

Neither did he

look down on her nor was he enthusiastic about her.

On the contrary, he spoke

of her in a calm and collected manner like she was nothing but a stranger to

him, while even kindly reminding her that the woman was a key factor to

consider in her ploy.

What was that supposed to mean

“Young Commander, is she an old lover of yours by any chance

“There are no other lovers.

Youre my one and only little lover.”

“The man deserved an award.

Just one sentence was enough to shut her up.

For some reason, the two words little lover sounded just like honey to her ears,

the overwhelming sweetness flowed into the veins of her heart.

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