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Chapter 1288: Have Your Back

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It was the first big party being held by Miss Yan Jiaren after her return to China.

She had invited quite a number of

the finest celebrities, heirs, and heiresses from upper-class society in Jingdu to her party.

With the status of the

Jiangs as the third most established noble family, coupled with the prestige of the Yan family in Jingdu, even if

people did not know who Yan Jiaren was, they would still attend out of respect for the two families.

With a crowd like that, the party was bound to be a hit.

This was also the reason why Yun Xi had boldly chosen to use this ball for her ploy.

More important, Yan Jiaren

was Jiang Chenghuans cousin, so she didnt have to worry about being implicated in the process.

Even if someone was offended in the process, it wouldnt really be her offending them, it would be Liang Xiuqin.


Yun Yuanfeng did want her to appease anyone, she could simply tell Jiang Chenghuan about it and let them stay

anxious fora good ten days.

The thought of it made her feel rather satisfied.

But, most important, it hadnt been long since Yan Jiaren had returned to China and her private life was pretty low


No matter how well-informed Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were, it was impossible for them to know so soon

that the boutique where they had stolen the dress had been opened by Yan Jiaren.

Who knows, she might just steal

the attention of the crowd gathered here today to promote her own clothing line.

Whats more, Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin were the ones who were dying to come to this party.

She was simply

pushing the boat along the current.

Sure, they could take advantage of her, but could they afford the price tag that

came with it

Since she was taking on the job as a waitress at the banquet, Yun Xi and Jiang Chenghuan agreed to meet

beforehand at the hotel.

The banquet was to be held on the first floor, and Mu Feichi and Yun Xi had agreed he would wait for her in the

VIP room on the third floor.

She should look for him there when the party was over.

He was afraid that Yan Jiaren

might latch herself onto him if she saw him.

After getting out of the car, Yun Xi couldnt stop herselt from mischievously knocking on the car window and

saying teasingly, “Young Commander, are you really not coming in to see Miss Yan Jiaren I hear shes

super-famous and a talented beauty at that.

Standing by the car door, Yun Xi looked at the man sitting in the back seat with the window wound down.


were in a remote corner of the hotel compound, which was also a blind spot.

It was not easy to spot who was in

the car, so they both spoke brazenly.

“Isnt there one standing in front of me right now Why do I need to go into the hotel to see another one Am I

supposed to eat from the bowl while having my eyes on the pot! Are you sure thats a good look for me, babe

“Uh… He made a solid point and she simply could not refute him.

What she hated most was the type of men who had one foot in two different boats.

Fortunately, Mu Feichi was

just the opposite.

If he had made up his mind, he would be dead set on the one and would not change his mind easily.

A dedicated heart was precisely what made a man even more charming and admirable.

Okay, go enjoy the show.

If anything happens, I will be there to help you

Tm not going to get involved with todays affairs.

Besides, no one will recognize me in a mask at a masquerade

ball, so Im not going to dip my feet into the muddy waters.

The corner of Mu Feichis lips perked up ever so slightly.

Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her close and

kissed her hard on her lips.

“Just do whatever you want to do and dont worry.

Even if all h*ll breaks loose in there,

IIl have your back!”

TII bet youre the only person in all of Jingdu who would dare speak like that!”

Only the young military commander, Mu Feichi, could be so overbearing and unreasonable.

AS she retracted her hand, she patted Mu Feichi on his head like he was a pet.

“Dont worry, I wont dig a pothole

for myself to fall into.”

Yun Xi watched Mu Feichïs car drive into the underground parking lot before turning around.

Then she entered

the hotel and reported herself to the front desk.

Standing by the concierge, Yun Xi saw the hotel manager hurrying to the elevator after receiving a call.

He was

likely headed toward the underground parking lot to greet Mu Feichi at the entrance of the elevator lobby.


sight seemed rather amusing to her.

Not long after she had arrived, Yumo came walking in.

Yun Xi! Why did you come so early Are you really going to be a waitress

Yun Xi glanced at her wool coat and sweatpants.

She certainly did not look like she was here for a ball.

Why arent you in a dress Dont tell me youve come to join me as a waitress”

“Mais, oui! How could you not count on me for a good show!”

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