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Chapter 1289: Introduction

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Jiang Chenghuan had been held up, so the hotel manager in charge of the

banquet greeted the two of them instead.

It seemed that Jiang Chenghuan had

given him specific instructions beforehand.

Even though they were just

interning as waitresses, the managers attitude was respectful.

They changed into the waitress uniforms, then she and Zhao Yumo each tooka

mask of a different color and followed the manager to the venue of the party.

Everything was all set up, and guests were arriving one after another.


Chenghuan had now also arrived early to entertain the guests, insteadof

coming in late like some cocky hosts.

He clearly cared a lot about this cousin of


Yun Xi swept her eyes across the scene.

There was quite a crowd, mostof

whom she had seen at previous banquets.

They were all people from the same


What she did not expect to see was Liang Xinyi showing up with Han


During this period of time when Han Wanling was in jail, Liang Xinyi had

become Han Hongbins eyes and kept herself close to Han Zhongteng.

She had

completely humiliated herself at the wedding banquet, yet now she had Han

Zhongteng wrapped around her little finger.

Looks like Liang Xinyi did not

waste much time at all.

But thinking about it, if she had not tried her best to stay by Han Zhongtengs

side, then she would have been deemed useless by Han Hongbin.

Although it was a masquerade ball, some of the guests wore only a half mask

on their faces, so they could still tell who they were speaking to.

This was unlike the waiters, who only showed their lips and chin after putting

on their masks.

Apart from distinguishing each other by color, they could

hardly recognize who was behind the masks at all.

Before the party had officially begun, almost all of the guests had arrived.


Yan Jiaren, who was the host of the ball, had arrived.

The scene in the majestic

ballroom gradually quietened, and everyone turned to look at the black

silhouette at the top of the stairs.

Amid the crowd, Yun Xi raised her eyes to lookat Yan Jiaren, who was now

descending the stairs, dressed in a black vintage V-neck tulle dress that

touched the ground.

Her figure was slender and tall, and she had classically

glamorous makeup on her face.

A small hairpin attached to a see-through veil mask with tiny shards of black

diamonds was pinned to the top of her head.

The clever design allowed

everyone to see her appearance clearly without straying from the theme of

todays masquerade party.

Her red lips were slighthly arched.

Although the expression in her eyes was

distant and cold, the smile on her face was enough to mesmerize the many

men present.

When she saw her for the first time, Yun Xi knew that she was not a simple

woman at all.

She had the aura of a strong and powerful woman and her

movements were so refined, she must have gone through rigorous training to

become the elegant and poised celebrity she was.

Maybe it was because of the

way she had been brought up.

Yun Xi could see that despite the many wealthy

and eligible bachelors among the crowd, none of them could catch her eye

The arrogance she exuded gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity.


this the same aura as that domineering tyrant, Mu Feichi

The only difference between them was that Yan Jiaren seemed a little

pretentiously cocky, unlike Mu Feichis innate sense of nonchalance that came


Thank you to everyone for taking the time out of your busy schedules to

attend my party.

I am Yan Jiaren.

Todays party is to celebrate my retum back

to my homeland and also the opening of my store.

I will be spending a lot of

time in the country from now on, so please take care of me and thank you!”

Such a perfectly concise introduction, so neat and unambiguous, while the

power she exuded caused many men to stare with their mouths wide open.

Yun Xi knew at a glance that the look in her eyes was that of an excited hunter

stalking her prey.

A weak woman could make a man feel compassion, buta strong woman could

easily arouse a mans desire to conquer.

This was the difference between the


The party quickly resumed.

Yun Xi walked between the guests with a wine tray

in her hand.

Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling stood in the crowd, desperately trying

to identify who was Jiang Chenghuans aunt and which was the wealthy prince

charming Liang Xiuqin wanted as her son-in-law..

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