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Chapter 1291: Shocking Coincidence

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Liang Xinyi was shaking with anger as she spoke through clenched teeth, “Yun Ziling, dont go too far!”

If it wasnt for the fact that she might get kicked out of the party for causing trouble, Liang Xinyi really wanted to give Yun Ziling a few slaps across the face.

“Lam speaking the truth, so how have I gone too far” Yun Ziling felt great to see Liang Xinyi biting her lips together tightly out of anger and shame.

Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth.

It took her a lot of effort to control her temper, but she also knew better than to stay on the topic.

She looked at Yun Ziling from top to bottom, and she frowned at what she saw.

‘The gown on Yun Ziling had been designed by Yan Jiaren.

Liang Xinyi had seen the dress when shopping for hers at Jingdu Tower.

She had liked it a lot, but it was too expensive so she couldnt buy it.

Also the gown had been too big for her, so shed given up on getting the dress.

But she definitely hadnt expected to see it on Yun Ziling.

Even though she was with Han Zhongteng, she still couldnt afford the dress with the money he gave her.

So how did Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling afford the gown

Even if Yun Xi were generous enough to get them into the party, she wouldnt spend so much to get a dress for Yun Ziling.

‘Thinking about all of that, Liang Xinyi looked at Yun Ziling with a sharp and penetrating look.

“It seems as if your mother has put a lot of money into getting a rich son-in-law.

But even if you wanted to get Miss Yans attention, she might not be interested to see you.

Didnt you see how many rich heirs were waiting to meet her You wouldnt get a chance even if you waited.”

“[ didnt come to this party for her.”

“Why would your mother spend so much on this dress if you are not here for her I guess your mother is a lot richer than I thought.”

“What…what do you mean” Yun Ziling was slow to react to what Liang Xinyi had said, and she got nervous when Liang Xinyi started talking about the gown.

“What Dont tell me that you didnt know that Yan Jiaren was the designer of your gown The Beauty is a fashion brand she created after returning from overseas.

You are wearing a gown of her design, yet you didnt even know How can you be so ignorant”

…” After hearing what Liang Xinyi had said, Yun Ziling felt like a bolt of lightning had struck her.

No way! How could there be such a coincidence

Yun Ziling suddenly remembered how she and her mother had stolen this dress.

If Yan Jiaren were to recognize it and accuse her of stealing it in front of everyone, it would be useless to keep on living even if she could dig a hole to hide in.

Seeing Yun Zilings reaction, Liang Xinyi thought she had hit the nail on the head and was immediately pleased with herself.

Yun Ziling had publicly humiliated her just now, so Liang Xinyi gave no second thoughts about fighting back.

“I guess Miss Yan still doesnt know that an ignorant person bought the gown she designed.

Well, an upstart family will always act like one and will never be on the same level as a wealthy and

famous family.”

Yun Ziling couldnt be bothered about being ridiculed by Liang Xinyi.

She was considering whether to stay or go.

She had already seen Yan Jiaren leaving in a hurry after all.

As the boutique owner and designer, Yan Jiaren would definitely know that this gown had been stolen from her boutique.

But as long as they didnt meet each other, everything should be all right.

Besides, she still must find the directors of Jingdu High School.

So she was reluctant to just leave before shed done that.

After all, this was her only chance left.

If she couldnt find and persuade them, she isnt going to be able to take the college entrance examination either.

If she cant get into a university, she would be a girl with a congenital heart disease and no educational qualifications.

With that, her future would be ruined, and there would no chance for her to marry into a wealthy family..

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