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Chapter 1293: Good Show

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If he wasnt here for the party, why he was monitoring the party venue What was this all about

‘Mu Feichi had always been unpredictable, and Yan Jiaren didnt dare to ask him too many questions now to get to the bottom of the matter.

After hearing what Mu Feichi had just told her, Yan Jiaren smiled awkwardly, but she was thinking fast.

She could understand why the Young Commander didnt want to go to her party.

After all, she could count the number of parties hed ever actually attended on the fingers of one hand.

But he had been keeping an eye on her party and had even told her that something had happened.

Was he trying to see how she would handle unexpected incidents, or was he just giving her a kind reminder

If he paid so much attention to her business, did it mean she would finally have a chance to get closer to him

Yan Jiaren couldnt figure out what he was thinking at all.

It took her a long time before she managed to say something.

“Sir, would you like to go down together for a drink Ive mostly invited people in our circle to the party.”

She didnt dare to say that he would probably meet a friend at her party.

Though everyone wanted to know him or even become his friend, very few could do that.

How could she be such a daredevil to blow her own trumpet

“I still have something to do.” Mu Feichi rejected her invitation with a simple sentence.

“All right… Youre very welcome to join the party when you are free.”

Yan Jiaren was reluctant to leave, but it was obvious that Mu Feichi did not want her to stay.

She didnt dare to push him any further, so she could only leave, disappointed.

She was as upset to leave now as she had been delighted to see him before.

Mu Feichi didnt say anything else.

Instead, he continued to look at the surveillance footage on his laptop.

His little girl had made such a big plan, so he couldnt let it fail just because of him.

If it hadnt been because of Yun Xis plan, he would have already given Yan Jiaren an attitude for disturbing him.

As Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling stood arguing at the party, the other guests around them started looking over to see what was going on.

Liang Xinyi deliberately talked about Yun Zilings dress in a loud voice and even mentioned that Yun Ziling was the daughter of Director Yun.

All the commotion had attracted a lot of attention from the surrounding area.

The dresses that Yan Jiaren had designed were expensive.

If one were to emphasize the purchasing power of Director Yuns daughter, the income of Yun Yuanfeng could definitely come into the discussion too.

The more Liang Xinyi analyzed the matter, the more dubious it felt.

If they had really bought the dress from the boutique, then the money they had must have come from dubious sources.

After all, Liang Xinyi knew that Liang Xiugin wasnt as rich as she had been before.

If not, Liang Xiugin wouldnt have asked for money as payment for her to continue staying with the

Yun family.

Liang Xinyi also roughly knew the monthly income of Director Yun.

But even if his income was quite a lot, it would still be difficult for the family to spend 30,000 on a dress that Yun Ziling would only wear once.

So she continued harping on the topic.

If she really could make the impression that Yun Yuanfeng was corrupt, that would give her a lot of pleasure.

Liang Xiugin couldnt tolerate watching Liang Xinyi bully Yun Ziling.

So, like a mother hen protecting her baby chick, she walked over and glared at Liang Xinyi.

Yun Ziling was already feeling guilty, so she couldnt think of a way to remind her mother about the dress with Liang Xinyi just in front of them.

So Liang Xiugin thought Liang Xinyi was jealous and deliberately was finding fault with her daughter.

When Liang Xiugin realized that Liang Xinyi had just kept on talking about the dress, it was already too late to do anything about it.

By then, Yan Jiaren had already returned to the venue.

‘When Yun Ziling saw Yan Jiaren walking into the ballroom, she panicked and tried to hide.

However, Yan Jiaren walked straight toward her as if she had noticed something.

Yan Jiaren had come back to the ballroom to deal with the dispute that had broken out at her party.

But before she could see who were the ones quarreling, she had immediately noticed the dress on Yun Ziling..

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