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Chapter 1294: Crisis

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Yan Jiaren had initially placed the gown in her boutique as a representative piece of her work.

However, she had received news that the dress had been stolen yesterday.

Her cousin had happened to be at her boutique yesterday, so she had asked him to report it to the police.

She did not expect that someone would actually dare to wear a dress stolen from her boutique to her party!

Was she just fearless or simply didnt care about getting caught

Jiang Chenghuan had to finish his part in the show, so he immediately went over to Yan Jiaren when he saw her walking into the ballroom.

According to their original plan, he was to act as the fuse for the dispute to intensify further.

“Miss Yan, Second Master Jiang is here…”

“Miss Yan…”

“Second Master Jiang…”

Someone in the crowd called out their names, and everyone started making way for Yan Jiaren and Jiang Chenghuan.

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at Yun Ziling and exclaimed, “Isnt this the dress that was stolen from your boutique yesterday”

Yan Jiaren turned to look at the masked guest and took a closer look at the gown.

She frowned when she saw that it was indeed the gown she had designed.

The way she looked at Yun Ziling got sharper.

“It is indeed the stolen gown.”

What should she do now

With all the focus on her, Yun Ziling held onto Liang Xiugins clothes and hid behind her, looking weak and helpless.

However, Liang Xiuqin had started panicking when Jiang Chenghuan talked about the dress.

After all, she had never committed a crime, but now she could only protect her daughter no matter what.

The only idea she could think of was to temporarily divert everyones attention, especially since Liang Xinyi had gone way overboard.

“B*tch, what nonsense are you talking about” Liang Xiugin pushed Yun Ziling closely behind her back and shouted at Liang Xinyi.

“You messed around and even got sexually involved with a man for money when you were still a young girl.

You have no right to talk about someone else when you are such a

horrible person yourself.”

For Liang Xinyi, the incident between her and Han Zhongteng had always been a thorn in her flesh.

Though she was upset that Liang Xiugin had brought it up in front of everyone, she was also smart enough not to let Liang Xiugin divert the focus to her.

“We are talking about the two of you stealing the dress and even wearing a dress stolen from Yan Jiarens boutique to a party she organized.

I really admire your courage.

But, Miss Yan, since they are here, I suggest you should call the police now.”

Liang Xinyi knew that Liang Xiugin would divert attention to something else.

But this matter was entirely up to Yan Jiaren and not anyone else.

Yan Jiaren glanced at Liang Xinyi and did not acknowledge her immediately.

Instead, she turned toward Jiang Chenghuan and said, “Are they the two thieves described by the store assistant”

Jiang Chenghuan turned and saw a pleading look on Yun Zilings face.

He then nodded.

“I heard it was a mother-and-daughter pair, and the younger girl looked a little chubby.

So it should…should be them! I will call the store assistant to come over to make sure we have caught the right people.”

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