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Chapter 1295: Shameless

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Yan Jiaren nodded her head.

Although she had to wait for someone to come and confirm it, all the surrounding guests had already subconsciously confirmed that the mother-and-daughter pair in front of them were the ones who had stolen the gown.

In an instant, the crowd erupted in a heated debate…

“Nowadays, thieves are getting bolder and bolder.”

“Thats right.

Shes wearing a stolen gown and prancing around.

Shes not worried about being caught.”

“Hasnt she already been caught I heard they are the wife and daughter of a certain director in Jingdu.”

“The directors wife and daughter have become thieves.”

In this isolated and helpless situation, Liang Xiugin looked anxiously and nervously at Jiang Chenghuan, who was the only one she could count on for help.

“Young Master Jiang, we really didnt steal it.

It really has nothing to do with us… I… didnt know that this gown was designed by Miss Yan.

If we had


If they had known, they would never have come to her ball and dug their own graves.

Now it just so happened that they had bumped into each other.

Right now, in front of so many people, it was going to be confirmed that they were thieves, it would spread throughout Jingdu tomorrow.

It was fine for them to be humiliated, but if Yun Yuanfeng became involved, he would definitely not let them off.

No matter what, they could never admit what had happened today.

“Well be able to confirm whether its you or not when the store assistant arrives,” Jiang Chenghuan replied slowly, his arrogant attitude clearly showing that he did not intend to help them.

With their status, they had no right to ask him for help.

‘When Liang Xiugin heard that the store assistant was going to confirm her identity when she arrived, she immediately became crazed with anxiety.

“Young Master Jiang, seeing that you and Yun Xi are friends, please help us.

Im Yun Xis mother after all.

This matter really has nothing to do with us…”

Only now did she begin to leverage Yun Xis name to ask for help.

This was just absolutely too shameless of her.

‘When there was no trouble, Yun Xi was just a loser in her eyes.

Now that something had happened, was she going to use her as a life-saving talisman

She was black-hearted, but she dared to dream such wishful thoughts.

Jiang Chenghuan snorted coldly, his expression distant and arrogant.

He didnt show her any respect at all.

“Even if Im friends with Yun Xi, she still isnt qualified to ask me for help, let alone you guys.”

Liang Xiugin refused to give up.

“If you are not close, why did you give her an invitation to the ball…2”

“Thats because I owe her a favor, and Ive paid it all back now.

Otherwise, do you think Im the kind of person who would do anything for any random person”

“But Young Master Jiang…” Liang Xiugin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Yan Jiaren.

Yan Jiaren turned to look at her cousin and frowned.

“Did you invite them”

The two continued to talk to one another.

They did not intend to give anyone a chance to explain themselves.

Jiang Chenghuan nodded and shrugged his shoulders, as if he had also been forced into a corner.

“Someone I owed asked me for a favor.”

“So youre saying that she asked for an invitation for them What about your savior You didnt invite her”

“If I did, would today have played out like this Not only does Yun Xi not know you, but she also doesnt have any motive.

Even if Id invited her, she might not have had the time to come.”

In other words, these two had gotten in through the back door and were not among the invited.

Jiang Chenghuans protective words instantly cleared the air about Yun Xis relationship with the mother-and-daughter pair.

No matter how dumb the guests were, they understood what was going on.

They looked at Liang Xiugin and her daughter with even more disdain and disgust.

It turned out that the two of them had an ulterior motive for stealing the gown.

However, they probably had not expected to be caught red-handed on the spot.

This was really divine retribution.

No matter what happened, stealing was stealing, and the crime of being a thief could not be erased..

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