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Chapter 129: Hidden Talent

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Looking at her second place on the ranking list and Yun Xis perfect score in English, Li Sinuo was both surprised and feeling somewhat panicked.

Even the top student, Zhou Chengzhe, had never gotten a perfect score in a foreign-language exam.

She couldnt believe that Yun Xi, a country bumpkin, had gotten such a high score in a foreign language.

She was also dazzled by her scores in the three subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology.

In high school, girls scores in the sciences were always far worse than those of the boys.

She had chosen science because Zhao Yumo was in liberal arts and Zhou Chengzhe was in science.

No matter how she chose, it was impossible to surpass either of the two of them.

Moreover, there were so many talented people in liberal arts that she had felt that she could only showcase her strengths if she chose the sciences.

Zhou Chengzhe from the first class always took the top spot, and Zhao Yumo from the second class had also robbed her of the limelight.

She could only retreat and choose the third class.

Besides, it was still considered an advanced class, and, with her grades, being the class leader wouldnt be a problem.

But now, Yun Xi had unexpectedly popped up and squeezed her out of the top five rankings.

The top five in the grade have always been the darlings of the principals and teachers.

They received all sorts of special care and attention.

The five of them were the center of attention throughout the year.

Now that she had been squeezed out, from this day forward, the teachers and the principal probably wouldnt even remember who was in sixth place.

Its for the same reason everyone only remembers the champion and never remembers who got second and third places.

Shed stayed up all night for many nights doing practice questions, so how was it fair for Yun Xi to swoop in and steal the limelight from her

The first place should belong to her.

It could only belong to her.

In the noisy classroom, someone suddenly shouted, “Teacher, where does Yun Xi rank in the whole grade”

“Second! Only ten points away from our grades academic star, Zhou Chengzhe! Zhao Yumo is in third place.

Our class has never had such a good result in the sciences, so this is a good example for all of you guys.”

“D*mn! Shes only ten points away! Were talking about Zhou Chengzhe here.”

“Wowwwww! Yun Xi actually beat Zhao Yumo, whos always gotten second place.

I cant believe it.”

“Who knew she was such a hidden talent I admire you for hiding your merits so discreetly.”

“Yang Lu, how does this slap in the face feel now I want to get jinxed by this academic star too.

Let me join in.”

Some male student suddenly remembered something and turned his head to tease Yang Lu.

The friendship between boys was always simpler than that between girls.

Yun Xis counterattack test score was extremely impressive.

Shed used her academic merit to speak for her and effectively gave the entire class a slap in the face.

That kind of refreshing assertiveness was both impressive and admirable in the eyes of the boys.

Upon being called out, Yang Lu remembered that shed refused to sit at the same table as Yun Xi on the first day of school.

Now she felt so embarrassed that she could barely lift her head.

She definitely hadnt expected that Yun Xi would hit her in the face with ranking first place in the class.

This was really a painful slap in the face.

The Chinese-language teacher passed back the test papers.

Before Yun Xi had had time to see her own paper, the paper that had been placed on her table was snatched away.

She raised her eyes and glanced at Liang Xinyi, who was standing in front of her holding her paper.

Her eyes were shooting daggers at Yun Xi.

The three-digit score, which was so red, was like a sharp blade, slashing Liang Xinyis pride and self-esteem.

“I just dont believe it! How could you have gotten such a score You cant suddenly become smart.”

Yun Xis grades had never been nearly as good as hers, so how could she have done so well

How was this possible

“Liang Xinyi, are you out of your mind Who suddenly becomes smarter”

Yun Xi sneered at her, then stretched out her hand and snatched back the paper that was on the verge of being crumpled.

She glared at Liang Xinyi fiercely.

“In the past, I had to be obsequious to you, but now that I have returned home, youll have to step aside.”

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