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Chapter 1297: Denouement

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Yun Xi went up to the third floor to find Mu Feichi.

He tuned his laptop around and looked at her with a faint smile.

“Is such a pity that your sister isnt an actress.

She is talented indeed.”

Yun Xi looked at the surveillance video he was watching on the laptop.

After she had left, Yun Ziling had fainted.

The scene was in chaos.

Liang Xiugin was screaming in panic.

In the end, the hotel staff helped to take them out of the banquet hall and escort them to the hospital.

“In this kind of situation, if she doesnt faint, she will have to justify herself, and she wont be able to escape either.

Other than those who are there to add insult to injury and watch a good show, no one will help them.”

Pulling a tissue from the box on the table, Yun Xi wiped her lipstick off and looked at the time on the laptop.

“Its getting late.

Lets go home.

Theres going to be a good show tomorrow we should catch.”

Seeing that there was no sadness on her face, Mu Feichi did not probe further about her plans.

He closed the laptop, got up, and followed her into the elevator that led to the underground parking lot.

This long night and its many events were enough time for the mother and daughter to suffer in the hospital.

Tomorrow, there would be a big show.

The task of calling the police had been handed over to Jiang Chenghuan.

In this way, Yun Xi would have time to prepare for the crucial moment.

Memories from her previous life came flooding back.

Now that she had made her move on Liang Xiugin, she would not show any mercy.

In the city hospital, Yun Ziling woke up from her fainting episode.

The moment she saw Liang Xiugins worried face, she felt irritated.

If her mother had not done such a stupid thing, she would not be in such a sorry state now.

Not only had she massively embarrassed herself, she had even wasted such a good opportunity.

She had worked so hard for nothing and had even become thought of as a thief who everyone wanted to beat up.

Now that the matter had been blown up out of all proportion, she did not have any idea about how to explain herself to her father.

“Ziling, youre awake” Liang Xiugin looked nervously at Yun Ziling who was finally conscious and heaved a sigh of relief.

Yun Ziling gave Liang Xiugin a disgruntled side glance.

Everything was her fault.

She was the one who had caused all of this.

If she hadnt stolen that gown, none of these things would have happened.

At the thought of this, she decided that she did not want to talk to her anymore.

“Thats good… Thankfully, you fainted.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have been able to escape the situation.”

“Escape Do you think thats the end of it”

Yun Ziling was mad as h*ll about her mothers intelligence.

At this point, her mother was still hoping to get a lucky break.

She was building castles in the air.

“Te already called your sister.

Miss Yan is Second Young Master Jiangs cousin.

As long as Second Young Master Jiang is willing to help us, this matter could be resolved…”

Yun Ziling sat up weakly and looked at her “Did you get through then”

Now that something like this had happened, Second Young Master Jiang had failed to treat Yun Xias a friend.

Whether he could help was one thing, but whether he wanted to help was another matter altogether.

“Not yet… Its already so late…”

‘When Yun Ziling saw her stammering, she knew that there was no hope.

They could naturally try to use Yun Xi to help them, but if she no longer had any pull with Second Young Master Jiang, even if she was willing to help… On what basis did Second Young Master Jiang have to help them

This time, their situation was truly worrying.

Yun Ziling lay back on the bed feeling weak, rolling her eyes to look at the ceiling above her.

She could not understand how things had turned out like this.

“Dont worry, Il continue to call her.

If she doesnt pick up, Ill go to her school to look for her.

No matter what, even if she has to beg Second Young Master Jiang, Ill make her explain this matter to Second Young Master Jiang.

It was just a gown, and its not a problem for rich people like them.

As long as

Second Young Master Jiang is willing to put in a few good words for us in front of Miss Yan, this matter can still be resolved privately.

No matter what, Mom wont let this matter get you in trouble.”

“Then you try to see what you can do.” Yun Ziling looked at her mother helplessly, closing her eyes and turning over.

Now that she had lost all respect and had been so publicly humiliated, why would she care about being implicated

Anyway, she was not the one who had stolen the gown.

If anyone really had to take responsibility, it would be her mothers responsibility.

She had nothing to do with it..

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