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Chapter 1302: Final Plea

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The doctor gave Yun Yuanfeng a disgusted look.

All he cared about was the infant.

He didnt spare a single thought for the woman at all.

The doctor had always despised men who treated women like they were insignificant.

“The woman is fine, and the infant is fine too.

However, she will have to remain in the hospital for observation.

Theres nothing much we can do if something like this happens again.”

The doctor scanned the corridor, seeing the woman who had messily collapsed onto the floor.

She requested that they clear up the rubbish they had left on the floor.

Yun Yuanfeng heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the news.

He turned to Liang Xiugin with a cutting glance.

“You should thank God the child is okay, or you would be in jail for the rest of your life.”


Liang Xiugin remained silent.

The news that the infant had not been injured brought a different type of grief to her.

Her thoughts were swirling chaotically.

All the plans she had been thinking about had been completely trashed by the infant.

She was unwilling to accept this fate.

She was not going to make this easy for the couple.

There must be a way, she reminded herself.

suddenly, the image of Yun Xi appeared in Liang Xiugins mind as well as an unknown push of motivation.

If she wasnt found guilty and incarcerated, she still stood a chance against Yun Yuanfeng.

Liang Xiugin swore that no matter what, she would unleash h*l on her cheating husband and his mistress.

Grasping onto this sudden ribbon of hope, Liang Xiugin scrambled up and shot Yun Yuanfeng a hateful look.

Her face turned into a picture of the anger and animosity in her heart.

“You will not get away with this, Yun Yuanfeng.

I wont let you b*stards off so easily.

Who cares if the baby is a boy.

If I dont accept the divorce, this child will remain an illegitimate son who is looked down on and shunned by others.”

Finally finding a sense of confidence in her desperate state, Liang Xiugin pulled off her classic sneer and hobbled off before Yun Yuanfeng could launch into another fit of anger.

Liang Xiugin reached into her purse and pulled out her phone.

She didnt hesitate for an instant.

Unlocking her phone, she called Yun Xi over and over again.

As long as Liang Xiugin was not behind bars, she still had the opportunity to turn the tables against Yun Yuanfeng and his mistress.

Yet her calls received no response.

She called more times than she could count on her fingers and received no response.

This was grating on Liang Xiuqins already impatient nerves.

Yun Xi gazed at the screen of her phone as she sat in the dining room of Mu Mansion.

Her notifications displayed more than 20 missed calls from Liang Xiugin and a few unfamiliar office numbers.

She did not need a detective to know they too were from her mother who was desperately trying to reach her.

The calls from Liang Xiugin were relentless.

Yun Xis phone shook and rattled against the dining table like a tree in a hurricane as Yun Xi ate her meal.

She refused to pick up any of Liang Xiugins calls.

Not just Yun Xi, but Mu Feichis cellphone buzzed as well.

The man swiped the receiving button and placed the call on speaker, “What is it”

On the other end of the line was the team leader of Team A.

He had been instructed by Yun Xi to keep an eye on Liang Xiugin to ensure that her plans would not be disrupted by unforeseen changes.

“Exactly as Miss Yun had arranged, Liang Xiugin bumped into Yun Yuanfeng and his mistress at their checkup in the city hospital.

The two got into a fight, and Liang Xiugin even pushed the pregnant woman.”

Yun Xi looked up from her bowl.

‘What about the infant” she asked as she twirled her spoon in her food.

“The latest test results verified that both the woman and the infant are going to be okay.

I suppose your mother is going to your school to look for you after she has found out that you are unreachable by phone.”

“She has Today is a Sunday though.

If she wants to wait for me in school, then let her wait.

The more impatient she is, the less likely she will think logically.

If she waits long enough and loses her patience, she will be more receptive to my conditions when I raise them.”

“Yes sir… Imean…” The leader of Team A stumbled over his words.

The tone of Yun Xis voice was almost like the tone the Young Commander used during their training.

She sounded like a replica of him.


He corrected his words.

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi truly were meant to be together.

There was no one else who had the presence needed to stand by Mu Feichi and join the ranks of the Mu family.

The young girl had slowly transformed into an individual who had what it took to become the spouse of the Young Commander.

‘Mu Feichi ended the call and turned to Yun Xi.

“If she is asking you for help,” he spoke slowly, “what conditions will you give her”

Yun Xis plan thus far had practically pushed Liang Xiugin to the edge of a cliff and her merciless tactics came as a relief to Mu Feichi.

He was assured that Yun Xi would not hesitate and hold back in this round.

However, even at the cliffs edge, Liang Xiugin still had the gall to approach Yun Xi for assistance..

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