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Chapter 1303: Rock Bottom

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Yun Xi paused.

It had taken her a moment to understand the meaning of Mu Feichis words.

When she recovered, she replied, “What conditions do you think I should propose” She wore an innocent smile.

A divorce between Liang Xiugin and Yun Yuanfeng was not her goal.

A divorce would bring suffering to the two of them, but it was not enough for Yun Xi.

She had sworn to herself that she would repay her parents for all the anguish and pain they had brought to her in both this life and her past life.

“Idont know.

But at the very least youre one step closer to your goal, even if it does not seem like enough.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Yun Yuanfeng wants a divorce, but Liang Xiugin does not want that.

She also doesnt want to go to jail.

Besides, this is not the only thing she wants.

She also wants to settle the problem with Yun Zilings principal so that Yun Ziling can progress to further education.” Yun Xi paused and

continued, “But life does not always go your way, right Especially if youve done something wrong, you shouldnt just get away with it.

Ive helped her before, and she thinks she can use me as her trump card to get away with everything.

I wont help her so easily again.”

She had always agreed to lend Liang Xiugin a hand not out of weakness or because she wanted to bring more problems on herself.

Yun Xi had her own reputation at stake.

She had to help her biological parent in order to protect her public image.

Moreover, she found it entertaining to be jerking Liang Xiugin around.

If she ended up pushing Liang Xiugin into an irreversible finale, it would be satisfactory for Yun Xi as well.

She felt like a predator who was toying with her prey.

It was no fun to simply devour the animal.

The true entertainment came from the hunt and the eventual realization of the prey that it will never escape its fate of being eaten despite its many attempts.

She wanted Liang Xiugin to land in an inescapable state, a state where all hope had been taken away from her and there was no way out.

She wanted Liang Xiugin to suffer in a rock bottom pit.

Of course, the end Liang Xiugin was meant to meet would not be so easy as just a struggle for survival.

Mu Feichi thought deeply about what Yun Xi had said and gave his interpretation of her words, “If I could use a metaphor: it would be as if someone was running through a forest lost and with no sense of direction for a long time, and when they finally found a clearing, it was on the edge of a cliff.”

The strikingly accurate metaphor made Yun Xi raise her brows in surprise.

“Death would be the easy way out.

The real pain comes when she has run out of options and choices even when someone is helping her.

Im sure Yun Yuanfeng is determined to divorce her to keep his mistress happy, and I know Liang Xiugin will be throwing a tantrum at the school if she cant find me


So I told the guards that I will be out on a study trip with my professors and I wont even be in Jingdu.

Who knows She might even look for my uncle to find out my whereabouts.

I bet she doesnt know that my uncle moved.

I bet she doesnt know anything about him, not even about his promotion.”

“She caused all this.

You dont need to take responsibility for it.”

“Tl never be responsible for her.

Im worried about my uncle.

My uncle is my only family member who ever felt any sympathy for me.

Its hard to believe that this is what my family has become.”

“She cant blame anyone for her personal choices.”

Yun Xi laughed bitterly, propped her chin on the back of her hand, and looked up to Mu Feichi.

Words were churning in her mind, but she was unsure if she wanted to say them.

“When the day comes,” she hesitated and continued,when I do something horrible to my mother, will you be afraid of me Im

not as kind as I used to be.”

“As long as you feel that its right, then you should go for it.

The only thing I care about is our own lives and deaths.

Anything else is unimportant.”

This was the truth.

Mu Feichi cared little for anything aside from their lives, and he viewed all the other problems as small matters that could be resolved one way or another.

In his mind, as long as it could be resolved, it was nothing to fret over.

However, Mu Feichis words had left a strange feeling in Yun Xi.

They had left her feeling choked up and unable to say another word.

He had understood her thoroughly, and he was the only man who had ever done so.

Mu Feichi had seen her and validated her emotions without any problem.

He was the only man for her.

He understood her.

and he would not cause her problems.

This was the kind of man she needed and only Mu Feichi could be the one..

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