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Chapter 1306: Not Fooling Anyone

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Yun Xi always ensured that she was one step ahead of Liang Xiugin.

Whatever plans that Liang Xiugin made, she made sure to leave the plans in ruins before Liang Xiugin could embark on them.

Grandfather Yun, second uncle, and Yao Ying were all waiting for Liang Xiugin in the living room of the Yun family home.

The entire group was ready for Liang Xiuqin, and Liang Xiugin was ready for them.

She took off her shoes and put on a tearful expression as she approached the trio sitting on the


“Dad…” Before Liang Xiugin could ask for anything, Grandfather Yun had tossed his teacup at Liang Xiugins foot in anger.

The act startled her and made her take a few steps back.

“How dare you come to me Do you know how ashamed we are of you I have not gotten any peace from you during the last two years.

All you have given us were problems after problems.

Now it has escalated into theft.

The police have even called us.

I come from a military background, and now I have a

criminal in my house How do you expect us to show our faces in the residences now”

“Dad, its not like that, please listen…”

“want to hear what you have to say.

I know what happened, and we are not willing to help.

Take responsibility for your actions!”

“But I cant go to jail, Dad.

If I do, we can never show our faces again.

If we can settle this privately and I can avoid serving a jail term, I wouldnt bring any shame on the family…”

“What do you think the law is You cant just run from it because you want to.

Theft is a crime.

Do you think our policemen are simply there for decoration How can you be so dense at your age”

“But what about Yuanfengs reputation If I go to jail, it will be a hard hit on his image and status.”

“If you were thinking about him, you would not have done something so foolish.”

Grandfather Yun felt dizzy with anger.

Liang Xiugin had been nothing but a fool in his eyes.

She had sent Yun Xi away after believing a fortune-teller.

This had been unforgivable, but it had been a long time ago, so they could let it go.

However, even in the present time, she had caused huge troubles for

the Yun family.

Grandfather Yun saw her as beyond forgiveness.

“Tknow I have been wrong.

I acted in the heat of the moment…”

Liang Xiugin was thinking little of her image at the moment.

She believed that as long as she could resolve the matter with the Yan family privately, they would drop the case and turn this case from criminal to civil.

The Yun family was full of individuals who cared deeply about their public image.

A hit to their reputations would be unbearable for those in the family, therefore they should be willing to offer her financial assistance to resolve the matter.

There were no flaws in her plan.

This course of action would benefit Liang Xiugin, and it would benefit the Yun family as well.

“Hear me out, dad and second brother.

Things are already in the state they are in, and theres no use arguing about it.

We need to settle the matter first, and Ill take whatever criticism you want afterward.

I dont want to go to jail, so I will approach the Yan family personally to settle the matter.

If it can be

settled privately, this matter will not blow all out of proportion as it is now.”

Yun Xi was fully aware of Liang Xiugins narrow and selfish mindset, and she had given Yao Ying a heads-up before Liang Xiugin had returned to the Yun family home.

“How is this not a big issue, sister-in-law Everyone in the upper classes of Jingdu knows about what you have done, and more will continue to know.

You are not fooling anyone.

Moreover, this is the eldest daughter of the Yan family we are talking about.

Do you think she will let this go easily You stole

her gown and wore it to her banquet.

This is a complete humiliation for her.” Yao Ying paused and took a breath.

“Were lucky she did not pursue this with the Yun family.

What makes you think you can simply settle it with her Who knows if youll drag the Yun family down with you too”

Yao Ying had never been a fan of how Liang Xiugin seemed determined to drag others into trouble with her.

Liang Xiugin always was keen on redistributing her responsibilities onto the shoulders of others.

They were not the perpetrators.

They had not committed the crimes, nor had they been involved at all.

Why should they be bearing the burden of guilt with Liang Xiugin

Liang Xiuqin gritted her teeth and answered, “You wont know if you dont try.”

“Then you try.

If you drag the entire Yun family down with you, I will ask my brother to divorce you to save our reputations.

What you did was unforgivable, and it has brought shame to us.

I doubt my brother will forgive you this time..”

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