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Chapter 1309: Ziling Switches Sides

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After so much preparation, it was finally time.

Yun Xi knocked on the door and entered the hospital room.

“Mom, Dad, Im back.

I heard my sister was sick.

What happened”

‘The moment Yun Xi stepped into the ward, Liang Xiugin leaped out of her chair, approached her, and grabbed her arm.

She was gripping Yun Xi so hard that it almost felt as if she wanted to break her arm.

“You brat! Where have you been Why didnt you answer any of my calls”

Liang Xiugin was glad that she had managed to hold on until Yun Xi had returned, glad that she hadnt signed the divorce papers yet.

If she had already signed them, then it wouldnt have mattered if her daughter came back or not.

Yun Xi looked at her mother coldly and pulled Liang Xiugins hand off her arm.

Yun Xi couldnt believe that her mother actually had the nerve to still act all high and mighty when she was the only one Liang Xiugin could get to help her out of her difficulties.

“Twent overseas with my one of my professors.

I guess my cell phone didnt work there.

What has happened”

“Whats happened Your dad and I are about to get a divorce.

Thats whats happened!”

Thinking of all the worries and sadness that she had experienced in the past few days, Liang Xiugin vented all her frustration and anger onto Yun Xi.

She blamed her daughter for not answering her phone, thinking that if she had been able to reach Yun Xi, she wouldnt have been in such a sorry situation.

“Divorce…” Yun Xi turned to look at the divorce papers that were lying on the bed and then glanced at Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad, why are you bringing this up again Did Mom do something wrong again”

“What are you talking about Your dad is the one who did something wrong this time,” Liang Xiugin scolded her.

“Is that so” Yun Xi scoffed at her mother.

“Do you know what was the first thing I heard when I came back That you and Yun Ziling had stolen from the Jingdu Tower Plaza to get a dress just so you could attend the ball hosted by the Jiang family.

Mom, dont you know that stealing is a crime, and you can

get thrown in prison for that”

Going to prison was the one thing that Liang Xiugin was afraid of the most.

The moment she heard that, she started to show signs of anxiety.

L.I paid them.

We didnt steal anything.”

“Well, thats not for me to say.

The police even called Grandpa.

Thank God he didnt collapse after hearing about this.

Mom, you sure will do anything for Yun Ziling, I can see why Dad wants to divorce you.

If you two ever separate, Im going with Dad without any hesitation.

Youve always only cared about

Yun Ziling.

Its like Yun Chuhan and I arent even your daughters.” Yun Xi then turned to Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad, you wont abandon me, right”

“How could I Youre the most successful among all my daughters.

I am going to have to rely on you when I get old,” Yun Yuanfeng replied without any hesitation.

In the end, Yun Xi was the best among all his daughters.

‘The father didnt even care if Yun Ziling left him or not.

He would let her do whatever she wanted as long as he could get Liang Xiuqin to sign the divorce papers.

However, Yun Xi was different.

Her future was bright, and she was friends with the head of the Jiang family.

Compared to Yun Ziling, Yun Xi was infinitely more successful.

‘The moment Yun Ziling heard that her father had higher hopes for Yun Xi than herself, she finally sensed that things were going sideways.

During the past few years, Yun Ziling had sided with Liang Xiugin no matter what.

If she wanted to stay with Yun Yuanfeng after the divorce, she would have to do something to gain his favor or else she could be abandoned by him as well and have to stay with her unlucky mom.

Both Yun Xi and Yun Chuhan were better at studying than Yun Ziling.

Because of that, their futures were definitely brighter than hers.

To make matters worse, if Yun Yuanfeng had another child in the future with another woman, her life could be doomed.

“Dad, I want to stay living with you too.

I dont want to leave this family with Mom,” Yun Ziling wailed, not caring at all if what she said would anger or upset Liang Xiugin.

She knew that if she didnt switch sides, she would be in for a lot of suffering in the near future..

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