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Chapter 131: You Can Do Anything You Like

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“By the way, I heard that your mother and your sister caused big drama at Mrs.

Chens auction a few days ago”

“Yeah, Im about to go to the Chen family to plead leniency.”

“Youve been humiliated in public and were framed by them, but youre going to intercede Youre so forgiving!”

“I have no choice.

As a family, we are bound together for good or ill.”

“Its a good time to go check on the old madams illness.

I just left the Chen familys house.

Two days ago, the old lady suddenly passed out.

She was sent to the hospital for an examination, and they said she was suffering from insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Upon hearing this, Yun Xi was stunned.

“What did the doctor say Why didnt she stay in the hospital”

“Old people are like children.

They are most afraid of staying in the hospital.

Staying in the hospital means they are seriously ill.

When they think they are seriously ill, how can they feel good So the old lady insisted on going home and recuperating.

For the past few days, Ive been running back and forth from the Chen familys house every day.

I almost feel as if its my own home.

“I hadnt even heard about this matter! Well then, I will visit the Chen familys house on Saturday.”

As she was talking, she looked down at the pillowcase in her arms.

“It seems that my gift can actually come in handy.”

“Your medicine pillow can also treat cerebrovascular insufficiency”

It seemed that he really hadnt had the intellectual capacity to study Chinese medicine.

Yun Xi nodded.

“Of course.

I need to use astragalus, angelica, safflower, lovage, cassia seed, etc.

I think the pillow will increase the efficacy of the medicines.

You wont feel bad about my using your medical ingredients right”

“Why would I I have my father to back me.”

Yun Xi pondered over it and agreed.

After all, the Su Family Pharmaceuticals was a time-honored brand in Jiangnan.

After arriving at Su Hangs laboratory, Yun Xi realized what he had been doing recently.

The type of antiviral drugs Su Hang was studying had already been developed in her previous lifetime, and several drugs could be used as treatments.

“So, you were studying this medicine.

How is it going What went wrong”

“A problem concerning reactions between antibodies cant be solved.

After all, everyones physique is different.”

Yun Xi smiled and raised her head to gaze at the serious-looking man across from her at the experiment table.

“Then why do you think I can help you solve it This is a medical problem.

Your laboratory should recruit a few more people.

You cant handle it alone.”

“Im planning to recruit a few more people soon.

Will you come”

“I still have to take my exams.

After I graduate, I might consider coming to work here during summer break.”

For her, academics were her main focus now, and there was still a long way to go.

After starting her life over this time, she had decided to do what she wanted to do.

“Thats okay, but I will have to ask Young Marshal Mu first.

Otherwise if he finds out that you are working for me, he might blow up my laboratory.”

“…” Yun Xi was at a loss for words as she gazed at him.

“Youre his doctor, so dont you have to follow the army”

“Yes! So I dont have much more time in the laboratory.”

Su Hang took out a bunch of keys and handed one to her.

“This is the key for this place.

If you want to find something, you can come by and help yourself.”

Yun Xi glanced at the key hesitatingly.

“Why do you trust me so much Arent you afraid that I will destroy your house”

“I dont have many valuable things in my house.

The only things that are valuable are the medicinal materials and equipment.

You can do anything you like.”

“Okay! Thank you in advance.”

To express her gratitude, Yun Xi pulled over a piece of A4 paper from the experiment table and took out a pen to write down a series of drug reactions and experimental equations.

Su Hang stood on the side and, in a dumbfounded manner, watched her smoothly jot down a series of equations.

His mouth hung agape in astonishment.

“This is a thank-you gift.

I know that your mind is on this experiment at the moment, so I wont disturb you.

Ill be heading home.

You can find someone else to take me back.”

“Ill take you.

I cant abandon you here anyway.”

If hed really abandoned her here, as soon as Young Marshal Mu got word, he might actually demolish his house.

Who knew what that tyrant was willing to do for this girl, and he dared not risk finding out!

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