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Chapter 1317: Professor Yi

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The news of Yi Qianmo coming to Beijing University to give a lecture had spread throughout the campus like wildfire ever since the announcement was made on Monday.

Especially because photos of him and other speakers had been posted on the bulletin board, the handsome young professor immediately attracted the attention of all the girls in the school.

With all the girls worshipping him, the school forum and the web pages of various departments of the school had been flooded with news reports regarding Yi Qianmo.

Looking at the stories about Yi Qianmo on tons of bulletin boards, Zhao Yumo couldnt help but sigh.

“Yun Xi, I really didnt expect this Professor Yi to be so successful at such a young age.

Being in this industry is no less dangerous than that of front-line militants.

I wonder if theres a bounty on this

mans head A person with such passion and faith is truly admirable.”

“When people choose their path, their faith is easily swayed at the beginning.

However, opportunities will always arise to strengthen their convictions along the way.”

Just like Mu Feichi when he first went onto the battlefield… Perhaps he had had no idea what lay in store when Commander Mu first brought him face to face with the rain of bullets.

After experiencing so much, seeing so many lives taken and the casualties on the bloody battlefield, he was probably even more eager for peace and cherished the idea of a world without war more than anybody else.

Therefore, when she wanted to make a move on the Han family, he had never thought of opposing her.

He had also wanted to get rid of the malignant tumor that was the Hans, and he also believed in her capability, so he supported her in doing what she wanted, which happened to be exactly what he had desired to do as well.

“What about you What about your mother What are you going to do She must be counting on you to intercede for her by pleading with Jiang Chenghuan, right”

“yes! But I didnt promise her that I would.

She needs to be responsible for her own mistakes.

My dad is going to divorce my mom.

If they really do file for a divorce, Ill never have to worry again.”

This was her family affair, and Zhao Yumo knew that nothing she said would seem appropriate.

Regardless, their divorce would be the best decision for Yun Xi, because then Liang Xiugin would have no reason to use her again to do things she didnt want to.

The way her parents relationship had come to an end was their own doing, and they could not blame anyone else for it.

“Its great that you can see it that way.

Come on, lets go.

The stadium is open.

We need to go grab a seat, or we wont get to see Professor Yi!”

“If you want to see him that badly, why not ask Jiang Chenghuan to take you up the mountain Hes now staying at Mu Mansion anyway.”

At the mention of this, Zhao Yumo answered, “Yun Xi, do you really think that the Young Commander is willing to let irrelevant people like us up there After all, that is the Garden of Eden reserved for the two of you to spend your lives together.

What will he think, having so many people disturbing his


“Youre my best friend, while Professor Yi and Jiang Chenghuan are both his childhood friends.

How can any of you be irrelevant Hell probably show a sour face, but hes still a man who values friendship.”

“Theard that even Commander Mu has to get permission before going up to visit.”

“A little friction between father and son is only normal.

After all, Commander Mu is still his father, and hell always want whats best for the Young Commander.”

Unlike her parents, who have only ever used her for their own benefits.

“Okay, lets get going then.

There might be no space left for us if were late.”

When the two arrived at the stadium, more than half of the seats had already been taken on the stadium bleachers.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo quickly plopped themselves down on the right end of the third row.

As soon as they sat down, someone else sat down on the outermost seat of the row.

Yun Xi was startled and tumed to look at the figure sitting next to her.

When she saw Mu Feichis dark handsome face, she suddenly gasped, breathing in a cold mouthful of air.

With a stiff smile, she tugged at Zhao Yumo who was next to her.

Zhao Yumo turned her head and saw Mu Feichi sitting next to Yun Xi and her eyes widened.

“Y…you… What are you doing here”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows..

Casually leaning back, he gently curled his lips and said, “Is there a rule in your school that says I cant be here”

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