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Chapter 1321: True Hero

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Mu Feichi remained as calm as an all-powerful god, leaning back in his seat, not at all nervous that Yi Qianmo had singled him out.

“If I were to make him look bad, that would only be because he brought it upon himself.” Mu Feichi smirked and turned to look at Yun Xi.

“Why Do you want me to go up”

MM-HMM! Yun Xi nodded excitedly, persuading him playfully, “Its the perfect chance for you to prove that you, the Young Commander, are more popular than him, the negotiating expert.”

“Do I even need to prove something like that”

“Well…not really…” Yun Xi was suddenly at a loss for words.

She smiled and said, “I spoke too carelessly.

I deserve to be punished.”

She did not want Yi Qianmo to be left hanging on the stage just because of what she had said.

It would be too embarrassing in front of the entire student body.

‘Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, not forgetting to seize the opportunity to put forward his own conditions.

He said, “As a punishment, you will accompany me to dinner after this.”

“Sure…I would love to.” Yun Xi silently watched as Mu Feichi turned and signaled to Yi Qianmo with an okay gesture.

Yi Qianmo nodded subtly and did a welcoming gesture in their direction.

“Now then, let us welcome the Young Commander of Jun Country, Mu Feichi.

He will be sharing with us methods of gathering intelligence against terrorism.

Lets give him a warm welcome, everybody!”

Yi Qianmo had invited Mu Feichi to join him on stage with an expression of utter sincerity.

As he clapped his hands to welcome him, Qiao Ximin also began clapping along.

After some time, it finally dawned on the rest of the students, and they immediately stood up and applauded away.

Perhaps it was because of the reputation he had garnered, but the three syllables of his name had somehow become the heroic symbol of their generation.

Just the mere mention of his name would make others think of the deeds he had done and leave people with an inexplicable sense of awe.

Yun Xi had not expected the students of Beijing University to react so strongly toward Mu Feichi.

Startled by the overwhelming response, she too stood up and applauded along with everyone else.

She had had no idea how everyone thought of him.

Perhaps it was because she had gotten used to having Mu Feichi by her side, both of them taking turns outwitting one another, that she had almost forgotten that this man was a heroic icon that the younger generation in Jun Country looked up to.

The respect and admiration he received in Jun Country were by no means comparable to that of pop idols, let alone ordinary people.

He was a true hero: a magnificently heroic icon to the younger generation.

“Young Commander! Young Commander!”

“Young Commander! Young Commanéer.

The crowd in the stadium spontaneously began to shout out the unique title that belonged only to Mu Feichi.

His title was like a flag, yet also like a light illuminating the path to the future that everyone was marching toward.

Standing in the crowd, Yun Xi was lost in a trance as the roaring applause and the heat of her blood rushed through her eardrums.

Looking at the tall, mighty man who was standing beside her in life, it finally dawned on her: this man was a hero.

He was a hero to everyone, including to her.

The golden sunlight shone in through the glass windows, and the man dressed in casual attire was bathed in holy light as he moved with a flair of nobility and poise that was unique to Mu Feichi, all while having the authoritative dominance and pride of the Young Commander.

The distinct charm of the Young Commander captivated the attention of everyone in the crowd.

In their eyes, there was worship, admiration, amazement, and hot-blooded exhilaration.

The school representatives sitting in the front row seemed completely taken by surprise and remained frozen in their seats.

Theyd never thought that Young Commander Mu would show up in a place like this.

It was a little too late for them to go up and greet him now, so they simply stood quietly in front of their seats and watched the man walk up to the podium.

As if he had long been accustomed to being under the spotlight and being showered with the worship and admiration of many, Mu Feichi remained as calm and dignified as always.

“Hello, students.

‘m Mu Feichi.

I came here today just to support Professor Yi.

I wasnt prepared to be under the spotlight, but since Professor Yi has called on me to discuss the subject of intelligence-gathering, I will be using the rest of our time here to briefly explain this subject matter to you..”

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