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Chapter 1323: Feeling Ravenous

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‘What was there left for Qiao Ximin to say Mu Feichi turned around and left, not bothering to waste another second listening to her grovel.

Qiao Ximin stood rooted to the spot.

She wanted to chase after him, but was too afraid to.

While she was still hesitating, the man had strode far ahead.

With her family background, she was usually the one being courted by men, but all she received from Mu Feichi was coldness and rudeness.

This man who had won her loyal admiration had never even once looked her in the eye.

‘Was it because of that wretched Yun Xi

‘Thinking of the deep connection they had between them was like a slap in her face.

It made her feel as though her dignity and status had been humiliated by a stupid little girl.

She was a nobody, only a daughter of a measly district director.

Who was she to try and compete against her

No wonder Han Wanling had wanted so badly to kill this wretched girl and had tried to kidnap her.

Now she had ended up falling into ruin.

If it had all been for the sake of the Young Commander, then her actions were completely understandable.

If it were up to her, she would also love to eliminate the worthless Yun Xi, the obstacle standing between her and the man she wanted.

Thinking of Han Wanling, Qiao Ximin suddenly remembered the press conference that was going to be held in a few days.

If only she could reach an agreement with Han Wanling and use Han Wanling to get rid of Yun

With that thought in mind, she hurried to the parking lot, started her car, and sped off toward the detention center.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Yun Xi stared curiously at Mu Feichi for a long time.

Unperturbed by her attention, Mu Feichi focused on driving, turning every now and then to sneak a peek at her.

Stopping the car at a red light at an intersection, he turned to look at the little creature who had been staring at him for ages and he asked with a smirk, “Am I that good-looking”

“No, I was just wondering why you didnt take up her offer when a pretty lady like Miss Qiao invites you to dinner”

In her past life, Qiao Ximin had probably never encountered such a situation where she had been so embarrassed.

She had even won the heart of Han Yaotian.

There was simply no man who could resist her charms.

It was a pity that in this life she had stumbled upon Mu Feichi, a man who showed no interest in any of the women who chased after him, someone she could only yearn for from behind closed doors.

“Tcouldnt possibly enjoy my meal looking at that face of hers.”

After a while, Mu Feichi turned, stretched out his arm, and pinched her chin.

With a flirtatious gaze in his eyes that seemed ready to pounce, he said seductively, “However, I am feeling rather ravenous looking at my babes face.”

Yun Xi pushed his hand away and muttered, “You and your sweet talk…”

“How is that considered sweet-talking Werent we planning to go to dinner together” Mu Feichi revved the engine.

“I heard that you have someone keeping an eye on your mother.

There are only two days left before the Public Security Bureau is going to arrest her.

Are you sure your mother will


“She doesnt have much of a choice, does she Yun Ziling has already abandoned her.

If she doesnt figure out how to think for herself, she will be left to rot in prison for years.

And once she gets back out, shell have nothing left, so she might as well take a gamble now.

At the very least, what I have to offer

her will give her a winning chance to get out of this situation.”

“What are your conditions for her then”

“Conditions Well, that…” Yun Xi sneered and leaned over, ready to use her womanly charms to entice her prey.

As soon as Mu Feichi tumed his head, he saw her smiling face approaching.

He didnt need to guess to know that she wasnt going to tell him.

“Jeez, I can take a hint.

Its not like Ill keep asking if you refuse to tell me.

After your mothers affairs are dealt with, there is still the press conference for the Hans and the Qiaos.

What do you intend to do about that”

“Tve made arrangements.

Ive sent Xiang Yuanxun to find someone, and when he finds that person, well have a good show to watch.

Since Han Wanling has also been detained, I cant possibly let her get back out so easily now, can I”

“You seem to get along well with my subordinates.”

“Xiang Yuanxun and I have always been friends.

Whats the matter Young Commander, are you…jealous”

Mu Feichi nodded at her with a serious look on his face.

“Yes, I am jealous.”


“Well, then you can savor the sensation.

Ill allow you to be jealous.”

.” Unprepared for this response, Mu Feichi was left speechless, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry at her words.

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