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Chapter 132: Cant Do Anything Right

Yun Xi had a bag full of medicines that shed gotten from the pharmacy.

She pulled out several pillows.

She arranged one for her grandfather, one for grandfather Jiang, and one for the second eldest man of the Chen family.

Holding onto the pillows while heading down the stairs, Yun Xi could hear her father and her mother arguing in the living room.

Listening carefully, she overheard her father say that an energy project his company was working on had been moved to another vice president.

It meant that his boss had gone above him and handed over the project to others, which basically made him a figurehead of a vice president.

The energy company where Yun Yuanfeng worked produced the best fertilizers and controlled the best water supply in the country.

All the energy resource developers across the country had collaborations with them, and the bigger the project, the more lucrative it was.

In order to get these collaboration projects, business owners used all sorts of backdoor tactics, such as bribery.

As a vice president, her father benefited the most from these shady business dealings.

This was also the main reason why her dad had not competed for other executive positions, but instead desperately wanted to become a vice president.

The general manager was going to retire soon, and if Yun Xis father could move up the ladder to this position it would be the pinnacle of his lifes desires.

But now, hed lost a big project, and the only thing he could think of was that the scandal Liang Xiuqin had caused recently had offended the Chen family.

“Ive already told you! That was someone else framing and setting us up.

Ziling didnt steal anything at all.

The auction was very protected.

How could a girl like her get things from inside”

“If it wasnt her, then who else was it You tell me, what on earth compelled her to cause a ruckus at Madame Chens auction Even Young Marshal Mu is deferential toward her.

And yet my own family are so desperate to humiliate me.”

The thought of losing out on such a lucrative deal made Yun Yuanfeng so frustrated that he wanted to beat Liang Xiuqin!

What a bunch of troublesome women.

They cant do anything right besides bringing him trouble!

“I…” Liang Xiuqin glared at him with anger and frustration, but she knew she couldnt blame that wretched girl Yun Xi.

That wretched girl Yun Xi had evidence that shed stolen Young Marshal Mus jade seal.

If Yun Yuanfeng found out that she had bribed someone to steal Young Marshal Mus personal belongings, he would no doubt kick her out of the house.

At the moment, the issue was only a matter of monetary loss.

Those consequences were significantly less threatening than those of offending Young Marshal Mu.

“Dad!” Standing at the top of the stairs, Yun Xi hugged the pillows as she came down the stairs.

Upon seeing Yun Xi, the scourge, Liang Xiuqin gritted her teeth and glared at her.

Her eyes shot daggers at her.

Ever since Yun Xi had returned, she had never had a good day.

“I heard that old Madame Chen is sick.

I plan to visit her on Saturday.”

“You should!” Yun Yuanfeng suppressed his anger and placed all his hopes on this daughter.

“Remember, dont be rude to them.”

“Got it.” Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyi, Yun Ziling, and Yun Chuhan, who were sitting waiting for their meal to be served.

She took out her report card for Yun Yuanfeng to provide his signature.

“The results for the quiz came out.

The teacher said that it requires a parents signature.

A parent meeting will be held next Monday.”

Yun Yuanfeng glanced at the transcript in her hand.

“What was your ranking”

Yun Xi didnt answer, so Yun Yuanfeng took it and looked at it himself.

When he saw the results of first place in her class and second place in the whole grade, he raised his head in disbelief.

“First place in the class! How amazing! Your two sisters have never gotten first place!”

As Yun Yuanfeng praised her profusely, the expressions on Yun Ziling and Yun Chuhans faces suddenly became sour.

“By the way, isnt your cousin in the same class as you How were her grades”

Yun Yuanfeng raised his head and looked at the outsider in his home.

Liang Xiuqin had said she was a lucky star, but he had never been able to see what was so great about her.

He had been even more unlucky recently than he had ever been before.

Liang Xiuqin obviously knew about Liang Xinyis grades, and she glared at Yun Xi, who was seemingly fueling the flames, and she coldly snorted.

“So what if she got first place Who knows whether or not she cheated”

Yun Yuanfeng glanced down and finally found Liang Xinyis name in the penultimate ranking.

Raising his hand, he threw the report card in Liang Xiuqins face.

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