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Chapter 1326: Liang Xiugin Caught

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Yun Ziling would never have expected that her birth mother, who had always loved her dearly and had stupidly risked everything for her, would suddenly do such a cruel thing to her.

The air was filled with the pungent smell of raw meat being eaten alive.

Yun Ziling recognized the scent as something she recognized from chemistry class: it was sulfuric acid.

AAAHHHH! The stinging pain on her face made Yun Ziling afraid to touch herself.

When she had touched herself earlier, all she could feel was a viscous liquid on her fingers and the searing pain that tore through her skin.

Now, however, the fear in her heart overcame the stinging pain of her face.

The overwhelming agony and fear of being disfigured made her feel as though a massive tide had crashed down upon her and was swallowing her whole.

“Stop!” As Yun Ziling was howling in pain, Gu Baifan, who had been waiting outside the compound, suddenly rushed forward with a group of reporters.

SNAP! SNAP! The flashing lights as well as the glaring sun shone down on her all at once, and Liang Xiuqins head went blank.

She was startled by the sight of all these people suddenly arriving out of nowhere.

Her hand quivered, and the glass bottle in her hand shattered on the ground.

The perpetrator had been caught.

Liang Xiuqin could not react in time and try to get away.

She stared blankly at Yun Zilings ruined face.

The stench of rotted flesh shot up into her nostrils, and it made her retch.

She felt as if she was about to throw up.

The beautiful and youthful face that Yun Ziling had had just a second ago had now become a rotting mess.

Just the sight of it was enough to give anyone nightmares.

And this ugly rotten face had been single-handedly caused by her.

For a moment, she felt a deep sense of regret and an overwhelming dread, the likes of which she had never experienced before.

“I-Isnt that Director Yuns wife I cant believe she attacked someone with sulfuric acid.

Thats horrific!”

Amid the crowd, one of the reporters suddenly spoke up and exposed Liang Xiuqins identity.

All the other reporters quickly pressed their shutters, all the while discussing this incident loudly.

“Is that really the Directors wife Who is the one that she disfigured”

“Mom…! You mutilated me…!” The searing pain and overwhelming fear surged through Yun Ziling, and she fainted from the excruciating pain.

‘When the reporters heard Yun Zilings screams, they looked at Liang Xiuqin in disbelief, all the while aggressively taking more and more pictures.

“You attacked your own daughter Could you be any more heartless”

“Shes badly injured! Someone, call an ambulance.”

.” A reporter sounded as if he took pity on this person who had been attacked, but at the same time he did not forget to continue to take a few more shots.

Taking advantage of a pause in their flashing lights, Liang Xiuqin finally came back to her senses, and she started to run.

Gu Baifan rushed forward, grabbed the womans arms, and clasped them behind her back.

“How dare you try to run away after what youve done.”

“No! It wasnt me! It wasnt me…”

Having been caught red-handed, Liang Xiuqin began trembling with fear.

She lowered her head to try to dodge the reporters cameras.

However, Gu Baifan was clasping both her wrists together, so she could only duck her head.

Gu Baifan had not expected things to turn out like this.

Liang Xiuqin, a mother, had actually carried out a ruthless attack on her own daughter.

If word of this got out, it would make a big splash in tomorrows papers.

Then Yun Yuanfeng would never be able to show his face in public again.

Gu Baifan started walking toward the nearby building.

Suddenly, he saw a figure standing by a window on the third floor.

This had been an unbelievable display.

Liang Xiuqin, a mother, single-handedly mutilated the face of her most beloved daughter.

How could that have happened

If this was the condition that Yun Xi had proposed, then this girl had really won his admiration.

The Young Commander had reminded her not to be merciful, and she had been truly merciless.

Now, Liang Xiuqin had no way out.

Even if she didnt have to go to prison before this, she certainly did now.

What came as even more of a surprise to him was that when Yun Yuanfeng, who had hurried over to the crime scene, feebly pushed his way through the crowd and saw Yun Ziling lying there in the chair completely disfigured, he had then turned and looked at Liang Xiugin, who was being held prisoner,

along with the reporters who kept snapping away, and he suddenly blacked out and collapsed to the ground…

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