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Chapter 1328 Destroying Liang Xiuqin

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The police came faster than expected and quickly took away Liang Xiuqin, who was struggling and screaming frantically.

Yun Yuanfeng should have gone with her, but at this point he couldnt have cared less whether Liang Xiuqin lived or died.

Instead, he used the excuse of Yun Ziling still being in surgery to avoid having to deal with her.

As soon as the police had left, Yun Yuanfeng noticed that Gu Baifan, who had been holding Liang Xiuqin prisoner earlier, seemed somewhat surprised and worried at the same time.

“Director Gu, w…why are you here Did you bring these reporters here”

“Director Yun, I came to the hospital for a physical checkup today.

I am also surprised that these reporters seemed so well-informed.

I certainly had no idea all this was going to happen… Your daughter is still in the

operating theater.

You should hurry over there and see how shes doing.”

Without giving Yun Yuanfeng any more time to wonder about what he was doing there, Gu Baifan quickly gave him a reason to walk away.

Yun Yuanfeng was not stupid.

Realizing that this group of reporters hadnt merely stumbled upon this incident by chance, he addressed a group of them and pleaded with a smile, “Everyone, there may be some kind of

misunderstanding in what took place today, so please dont write your columns without fact-checking everything when you get back to your offices.”

Hearing this disingenuous remark, the reporters merely lowered their heads and fiddled with their cameras, not answering and pretending that they had not heard him.

Yun Yuanfengs face turned pale, and he looked at Gu Baifan with a stiff smile.

Since Gu Baifan was here and could tackle the reporters, he decided he would leave quickly before the reporters started poking at him,

asking endless questions.

As soon as Yun Yuanfeng had left, Gu Baifan waved at the reporters, “Everyone, I was just here to have a physical myself.

With such big news, you should probably head on back and get to work writing your stories.


there are any other interesting news or juicy leads, youll be notified.”

After Gu Baifan spoke, everyone was eager to report back to their news agencies to sort out todays news.

After hed complimented them on a great job done today, they scattered off.

When everyone was gone, Gu Baifan turned to look at the figure who had been watching everything from the window.

He hurried over to talk to her.

At the entrance of the corridor, Gu Baifan stared intently at the merciless young girl who was standing in front of him.

He raised his eyebrows ever so slightly.

“Yun Xi, how did you find the show Were you entertained”

Putting away her murderous aura, Yun Xi raised her head with a slight smirk and said teasingly to Gu Baifan while getting her emotions in check, “Director Gu, you should consider acting if you ever get tired of your

official duties in the future.

That handsome face of yours could definitely make your fans swoon.”

“Good suggestion.

Ill ask the Young Commander if he is willing to let me go.” Gu Baifan laughed, poking fun at himself.

“However, you scheming against your mother like that, arent you worried she might turn around

and sell you out to your dad”

“What is there to worry about Shes in jail now.

If she wants to see my dad or send a message to him, shell be disappointed, because my dad is definitely not going to see her ever again.

The reason I did what I did was

to eliminate any sort of future she could ever have.

Even if she has to attend a court hearing, the only person who will be representing her would be me because my dad definitely wouldnt be there.

Besides, even if she

were to sell me out, does she have any proof The photos and videos are all in my hands.”

She had planned to dig a hole for Liang Xiuqin from the very start, but shed never thought that she would be handing her the chips she had prepared for Yun Yuanfeng.

If shed really succeeded in blackmailing Yun Yuanfeng, then maybe someday Liang Xiuqin might have actually sold her out too.

This scheme had been designed so that Liang Xiuqin would be caught red-handed in the middle of the attack, and she would have no way out of trouble.

If Yun Xi had not set up Liang Xiuqin to be caught, she would either have had to hand over the videos of Yun Yuanfeng or had to worry about Liang Xiuqin continuing to step all over her for the rest of her life.

This had

been the best way to eradicate the problem of Liang Xiuqin once and for all.

HMMM! “Not bad.

Being able to orchestrate a ploy without involving yourself, thats some extraordinary skills.”

“Tll let you inform the Young Commander.

I need to get going.”

“Where to Ill give you a ride.”

“Thats okay, Im only going back to school.”

She had needed to fulfill this vendetta to overcome the problems from her past life.

Yun Zilings disfigured days would always bring her bitterness, and now she could properly experience the despair that Yun Xi had

gone through in her last life..

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