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As Yun Xi was free on Saturday, she took the chance to check on Yun Ziling in the hospital.

According to the housekeeper, Yun Yuanfeng had never visited Yun Ziling once since this daughter was no longer of any value to him.

Yun Xi wasnt in the mood to enjoy this dramatic situation, nor did she want to rub salt into Yun Zilings wounds.

Yun Ziling had humiliated and mocked her when she had been disfigured in her previous life.

The mean look on Yun Zilings face had looked just like a carbon copy of Liang Xiuqins, and Yun Xi would never forget it.

When she had been reborn, her life had changed completely.

She wouldnt let anyone have the opportunity to bully her ever again.

Yun Xi found the attending doctor and asked about Yun ZilinÉs condition.

She didnt know how bad the injury would be because of the highly concentrated acid.

Yun Xi didnt expect that Yun Ziling had actually been able to dodge most of the acid splash, so she didnt go blind.

However, her eyelids were severely damaged, and this affected her optic nerves and corneas.

So, Yun Zilings vision had become only about 30 percent of that of an average person.

Even before Yun Xi reached her hospital room, she could hear Yun Ziling smashing things around.

A nurse stood at the door with a tray, seemingly used to the sight.

The only things in the room that Yun Ziling could smash were the lunch and cups on her bedside table.

“She acts like this every day” Standing in the doorway, Yun Xi turned toward the nurse and asked.

The nurse calmly nodded.

“We have to wait for her to calm down before going in to give her the medications.”

“Has she ever tried to take her own life”

Knowing how timid Yun Ziling was, she would never take her own life.

She was afraid of pain and death.

After having been saved after a heart attack, she wouldnt dare to kill herself even if she was disfigured.

As expected, the nurse shook her head.

The nurse thought that Yun Xi was worried about the patient.

“We always keep a close eye on her, and there is nothing in the room that she can use to kill herself.

The infusion bottles we use are plastic, so an accidental suicide couldnt happen.”

“1 am her sister, and I want to go talk to her.

You can come back later.”

The nurse took a look at Yun Xi and left with the tray in hand.

Yun Ziling suddenly turned toward the door when she heard Yun Xis voice.

She pulled out the pillow from behind her when she saw Yun Xi and threw it at her.

Yun Xi dodged the pillow and stood at the end of the bed.

Looking at Yun Ziling, wrapped up like a mummy, she felt like she was looking at herself in her previous life.

“Yun Xi, you unlucky woman, how dare you come to see me now Are you satisfied to see me like this Its all your fault! If you had helped us, would my mother have destroyed me by throwing acid on my face Its all your fault that I am like this now! My whole life is ruined… Ive nothing left…”

“Yun Ziling, I have nothing to do with what happened to you.

If I dont come, do you think anyone else will visit you Your doting mother, Liang Xiuqin, is in jail.

Father has paid the hospital fees, but did he ever come to see you Did Grandfather visit you No one at home came to see you.

Its so sad that you lived to this day, and you have nothing.”

Yun Ziling was trembling with anger as she sat on the bed.

Her eyes looked lifeless under the bandages, and even though she had exerted all her strength to express her resentment, she still looked dead.

She wasnt her usual bright and dazzling self anymore.

“Its all your fault! If you hadnt come back, nothing would have changed in my life.

But after you came back, I lost everything.

Its all because of you, unlucky woman.

Youve jinxed my life, and you ruined me too.”.


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