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Chapter 133: Pretentious

“Take a good look at this yourself.

What the h*ll is this! After getting this kind of score, what kind of lucky star is she You must be playing with me!”

In front of Yun Xi, Yun Yuanfeng scolded Liang Xiuqin without restraint.

It was because Liang Xiuqin had replaced Yun Xi with Liang Xinyi.

He was doing this for Yun Xis sake, and he didnt take Liang Xiuqins pride into consideration.

Liang Xiuqins face paled and soured.

“It was just a quiz.

Xinyi has just come from the countryside and hasnt adapted to Jingdus academic curriculum.

Whats your point”

Yun Yuanfeng snorted sarcastically.

He was especially contemptuous of her for throwing money away to raise other peoples children.

“Yun Xi also came from the countryside, so how come she got first place in the class Liang Xiuqin, you should be mindful of the fact that Yun Xi is your daughter!”

“Isnt Xinyi also my niece Besides, for so many years, our wretched girl has been under the care of her uncle and aunt in the countryside.

Whats wrong with me being kind to her as an aunt to return the favor”

“Your superstitions arent scientific at all.

You said she was a lucky star, but ever since shes come to our house, how many scandals have happened On the contrary, it is Yun Xi who has helped us resolve the issues every time.

She is our lucky star!”

When this was brought up, Liang Xiuqin grew enraged.

What did he mean by her resolving the issues All these scandals had been caused by that wretched girl, and, in the end, for some reason theyd ended up being the hapless ones.

Theyd offended the Jiang family because she hadnt spoken up for Yun Ziling.

Theyd offended the Chen family because shed framed Yun Ziling.

In the end, she was the culprit behind everything.

How could she be called a lucky star when she was clearly a scourge.

A scourge dedicated to jinxing them.

Liang Xiuqin retorted indignantly, “She was the cause of all those messy affairs!”

“I really cant get anything through your head.” Yun Yuanfeng was really fed up with her nonsense.

But upon remembering all the scandals theyd caused recently, he decided to remind her again.

“Im warning you, this is a critical time for my promotion.

You better not give me any trouble again, otherwise dont blame me for being unforgiving!”

Liang Xiuqin answered apathetically, “You should tell your daughter that.

Dont let her jinx you.”

Yun Yuanfeng didnt even bother refuting her perverse reasoning and sneered as he stood up.

Coincidentally, the old man came in after watering the flowers in the yard, so no one dared to continue the topic.

“Grandpa, I made you a medicine pillow for lowering your blood pressure.

Your blood pressure has been a bit high recently.

Using this pillow every day can lower your blood pressure.”

“I appreciate this wonderful gesture.” The old man glanced at the medicine pillow in her hand and smiled at her affectionately.

Although he didnt think it would actually be effective, it was rare for his granddaughter to be so loving, so he took it and asked the housekeeper to take it to his room to be put away.

“Grandpa, in Chinese medicine, it is believed that peoples heads and necks are densely covered with meridians, and that when lying on a medicine pillow for a long time, the warmth from the head during sleep can be used to stimulate the effective infusion of the medical ingredients, which will stimulate the meridians slowly and over a long period of time help with disease prevention and treatment.

The Ming Dynastys Li ShizhensCompendium of Materia Medica listedeye-improving pillows that usedtartary buckwheat skins, black bean skins, mung bean skins, cassia seeds, chrysanthemums, etc., to make medicinal pillows to improve eyesight. These facts are all listed in medical books, so Im not just talking nonsense.”

“All right, Grandpa knows that you mean well.”

Chinese medicine was a very complicated and deep topic, and he didnt really think that a young girl would know much about the topic, so he didnt take her words to heart.

Seeing that the old man wasnt taking her words to heart, Yun Xi simply smiled a little to herself.

Because of her age, in terms of medical skills, no matter how good she was, her credibility wasnt high.

But it didnt matter, because there would always be more chances for her to prove herself.

“Okay, lets eat now! Since Yun Xi has achieved the first place on her exam, I specially asked the housekeeper to make you the chestnut roast chicken you like.

Both chicken legs are yours, Yun Xi.

Good things come in pairs! None of you try to snatch them from Yun Xi.”

“Grandpa, youre being really partial.” Yun Ziling glared at Yun Xis smug expression enviously.

“If you get first place in the class, grandpa will give you the same reward.”

Naturally, Yun Ziling would take something so trivial seriously.

As soon as the old man had turned his back, Yun Ziling, full of disdain, stood up and purposely bumped into Yun Xis shoulders.

“Hmph, you pretentious goody Two-shoes! What do you have to gloat about”

“Its nothing really, but at least I have the right to be pretentious.Too bad you dont!”

Yun Xi smiled indifferently, and then she ignored Yun Ziling, who was green-eyed with envy, as she turned around and went into the dining room.

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