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After heading back home, Han Wanling took a shower and changed into decent clothes before heading straight to the Han Corporation.

With the situation between the Han family and the Qiao family getting more and more intense, not to mention the fact that she had been locked up for a few days, the Han familys reputation had basically sunk into the toilets.

In order to get Han Wanling out of jail, the Han family had had to use a lot of money and ask the Qiao family for a lot of favors that they now had to pay back.

The Qiao family could even use the money they had received to pull the Hans down from being one of the big four wealthiest families and replace them.

With everything happening at once, even Han Wanling was starting to suspect that someone was calling the shots from behind the scenes.

However, she didnt suspect Yun Xi because she didnt believe Yun Xi had the brains to create such a perfect storm of trouble.

However, it was clear that the Young Commander had taken part in it.

Even if he didnt directly help with the planning, he must have assisted somehow.

If the Han family were to go against the Young Commander, they would need a surefire plan and a huge load of support or else they would have no chance of winning.

Inside the offices at the Han Corporation, Han Yaotian sat in front of his computer, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw the companys stock finally making a recovery.

But, when he thought about the election meeting among the big four wealthiest families that would be happening in a few days, he felt completely stressed again.

As the Qiao family had benefitted a lot from the Han family because of the incident with Han Wanling, Han Yaotian was unsure if the Qiao family had already gathered enough money and power to be on the same footing as the four wealthiest families.

However, if the voting results went against his family, then they would completely lose their position as one of the big four wealthiest families.

With one thing happening right after another, all that awaited the Han family was bankruptcy.

It had taken Han Yaotian a lot of effort to finally gain control over the Han Corporation.

If the Han family was stripped of their title as one of the big four wealthiest families, the Han Corporation would become a normal corporation and his dreams would be shattered.

The man then got up and stood in front of the window, watching the city beneath him.

Yun Xi suddenly came into his mind and made him grit his teeth.

He had never expected such a young lady to pose such a huge threat to him.

He had noticed that the Young Commander was treating her differently, but hed never thought she would bear her fangs at his family.

However, for her to show so much talent at plotting and scheming, Han Yaotian was sure that she would succeed in the future.

If he could make her his, then his future would be set, and he could get all the glory he had ever wished for.

As Han Yaotian looked out the window, lost in thought, his office phone suddenly rang.

He turned around and dismissed his thoughts.

After taking a deep breath, he answered the call.

“Hello Dad”

“Your sister is here.

Come to my office for a second.”

After hanging up, Han Yaotian tidied his suit and left his office.

What he didnt notice was that the sudden idea that he had just had was starting to sprout and grow.

Inside Han Hongbins office, Han Wanling sat on the couch, watching Han Yaotian, who had just arrived, with a cold eye.

She understood more than anyone else the ambition that the b*stard son had, and she knew that she shouldnt underestimate him..

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