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Chapter 1342 Han Wanlings Doublecross

The group of cars headed out of the city.

On the way, they stopped at a bank so that Han Wanling could withdraw cash.

Putting it in a bag, she threw it to the woman sitting in the backseat.

Her plan was to have the woman count the money on the way and thus relax as she did it.

The farther they got from the city, the fewer people they saw.

It didnt take long for the cars to come to the end of the asphalt roads and begin driving on rocky dirt roads.

Han Wanling looked around as her phone suddenly vibrated.

It was a message from her bodyguard, signaling that they were about to reach the place where they were going to execute their plan.

Only then did Han Wanling turn to look at the woman who seemed captivated by the enormous amount of money in the bag.

“Hurry up and call that hacker of yours!” Han Wanling ordered her.

“Is he around here with the stuff already”.

“Huh Right! Ill call him right away.” The woman carefully put the cash back into the bag and made the phone call.

“Sanzi Where are you Hurry up! We are almost at the exchange point.

You wont get the money if youre late.”

“Okay, okay! Im almost there,” Sanzi replied.

Han Wanling looked out of the window and noticed how barren it was all around them.

Since they werent near any villages yet, there werent any people around.

“Tell him to come here.

We dont have to go there.” Han Wanling decided to change the location of the meeting to this deserted place outside the village.

If they did the tradeoff at the entrance of the village, chances were that they could be spotted by some people entering or leaving the village.

Their plan wouldnt allow that.

“Okay.” The woman nodded and relayed the message to Sanzi, “Come to the Lychee Hill area outside the village.

Well wait there.

Come on your scooter, and hurry up!”

Sanzi hung up in apparent annoyance.

After that, the cars all parked right up next to a wild grassland area just adjacent to Lychee Hill.

The woman turned to look at all the cars that had followed behind them and asked Han Wanling curiously, “Ms.

Han, why are there so many cars with us Are you scared that we might go back on our word You dont have to worry about that.

I assure you that Ill give you the videos.”

“I usually have my bodyguards with me when Im outside.

Theyre just here to protect my safety.

Dont you know there are a lot of people in the world who want to kidnap people like me I mean, look at your dead husband.

He was hired by me to kidnap Ms.


Thats why I have to be extra careful when Im outside.”

“I see…” The woman looked at the cash in the bag and back at Han Wanling enviously.

“Its good to have money.

Your life is completely different than ours…”

Han Wanling scoffed and kept on talking so that the woman wouldnt get wary about what they were planning to do.

“Well, you have the money now.

You will be able to live a life like mine soon.”

“I wont waste the money on anything like this.

With this money, I can remarry and begin to live a better life…”

The woman grabbed the bag tightly and looked at the clock on the dashboard of the car.

According to her calculations, Sanzi should have almost reached where they were.

In just a few minutes, a scooter arrived.

The woman quickly got out of the car and waved at the person on the scooter.

“Sanzi! Over here,” the woman, with a bag full of cash in her hand, yelled at the man.

The scooter stopped in front of the car as Han Wanling got out too.

The person on the scooter took off his helmet, revealing the face of a thug-like young man.

Han Wanling smiled and reached her hand out.

“Wheres what I want”

“Here it is.

This is the tape you wanted.

I dont have a tape duplicator so this is the only one.” “Good,” Han Wanling exclaimed as she studied the thug.

After making sure that he did not look like someone who could afford a tape duplicator, she put the tape away in her bag and took a few steps back, waving her arm.

In an instant, a group of people emerged from the other cars and quickly surrounded the woman and the young man.

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