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Chapter 1343 Dead People Keep Secrets

The woman clutched a large bag of cash in her hands and nervously retreated to Sanzis side as she looked at Han Wanling warily.

“What…what are you doing”

Sanzi turned to protect the woman by pushing her behind him and cast a guarded look at the bodyguards in black.

“What, do you want to kick me to the curb after youve gotten your hands on the prize”

Sanzi looked coldly at Han Wanling, who was standing in front of the group of bodyguards.

He sneered and clenched his fists, looking like he was about to enter battle mode.

“To me, there is nothing safer than my secrets being kept by a dead person.”

Sanzi turned his head with a cold smile.

“See that This is the consequence of not caring about life.

Rich people like these are all unscrupulous businessmen.

They cant be trusted.”

“You were the one who asked me to take the video and extort money from her.

I thought that she would definitely give me money when she saw the video of my husband and her kidnapping Miss Qiao together.

How would I know that she wouldnt keep her word Rich people are all unscrupulous and cannot be trusted.” Han Wanling interrupted their argument impatiently.

“Shut up! Were about to die, and youre still thinking about money! My money isnt so easily extorted! Attack!”

“Dont come over here! Im telling you, if you dare touch me…”

Before the woman could finish her sentence, the bodyguards rushed forward.

Two of them quickly grabbed the woman from both sides and pinned her down before Han Wanling.

The other bodyguards started to fight with Sanzi as well.

They quickly knocked him down.

“Help! Someone help! Help…”

The woman struggled as she yelled.

Han Wanling was afraid that her loud voice would attract the nearby villagers, so she raised her hand and slapped the womans face.

“Shut up! If you shout again, Ill kill you right now!”

“Since Im going to die sooner or later, I might as well scream.

Perhaps I can call the villagers over.

Then Ill have a chance to survive.”

“Help! Someone help!” Han Wanling was annoyed beyond words.

The bodyguard covered the womans mouth with one hand and threatened her with a dark expression, “If you scream again, Ill kill you right now.”

The womans eyes widened, and she struggled with all her might.

However, the two men were too strong, and she could not break free.

The woman stammered and struggled as she raised her leg to kick Han Wanling.

Han Wanling was caught off guard and was kicked twice.

The pants of her white suit had two yellow footprints, and her face turned black with anger.

“Ill kill you right now.” Han Wanling turned to look at the bodyguard next to her.

She pulled the gun from the bodyguards waist and aimed the cold black weapon at the womans head.

The moment she saw the gun, the woman immediately quieted down.

Her eyes widened in fear as she looked at Han Wanling, who had the heart of a snake, and she whimpered helplessly.

Sanzi had also been captured by the bodyguards.

Using the two bodyguards holding him as support, he raised his arms and kicked the bodyguard who was holding the woman.

Sensing the bodyguard behind her bump into her, the force on her hand seemed to loosen.

The woman opened her mouth to bite the hand in her mouth, and the bodyguard released his hand in pain.

Sanzi then kicked the bodyguard next to him.

It took him a lot of effort to break free from the bodyguards iron grip.

He knocked into one of the bodyguards and held the other bodyguard by the waist.

He seized the opportunity to yell at the woman, “Stupid woman, run!”

As soon as the woman got what she wanted, she seized the opportunity and ran toward the village entrance…

Han Wanling did not expect them to make such a last-ditch struggle.

She aimed her gun at the fleeing woman.

When the bodyguard saw Han Wanling hesitate while holding the gun, he frowned and reminded her, “Miss, if you dont do it now, you wont have a chance in the future.”

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