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Chapter 1345 Au Revoir, Miss Han

Han Wanling seemed to be struggling to understand Yun Xis words as she glared at her with venom-laced eyes.

“Are you saying that Qiao Ximin took the Han familys benefits and then plotted against me”

Yun Xi shrugged, her face full of innocence.

“It cant be helped.

Who asked your Han family and the Qiao family to have a relationship when you two are like fire and water In addition to your current situation, if the Qiao family doesnt seize this opportunity to strengthen themselves, should they still wait for you to recover and bite them back Moreover, youve already kidnapped her, and the evidence is conclusive.

If you had obediently stayed in the police station, then everything that has just happened wouldnt even have occurred.

Originally, your crime wasnt that great, but now…” Yun Xi purposely turned her head to let her see the wife of the kidnapper sitting behind her.

“You have already broken three laws concerning kidnapping and illegally carrying a gun.

Moreover, there are so many witnesses who can testify that youve attempted homicide, Im afraid youll end up in jail.”

Yun Xis expression changed and she sat up straight with a cold smile.

She turned around and looked at the police captain.

“Officer Feng, I wont disturb you anymore.

Ill get someone to send you the video of Han Wanling as a suspect in a kidnapping later.

Today, the video of Han Wanling holding a gun and trying to kill someone is in the storage container at the front of the motorcycle.

Sanzi will pass it to you later.

After this matter is over, all of you will definitely be able to get recognition for your efforts,”

“Thank you for your cooperation and help, Miss Yun.” Officer Feng had followed her here under orders, but he had not expected that he would be able to capture Miss Han, who had only been released a few days ago, so easily.

And this time, not only had they arrested her, they had also arrested the bodyguards of the Han family for illegal possession of guns and attempted murder.

Now that the evidence was conclusive, the Han family would certainly not be able to escape justice once she was sentenced for her crimes.

“Au revoir, Miss Han.” Yun Xi waved at her.

She rolled up the window and ordered the officer in the car to drive.

“Yun Xi, you d*mn girl, get the h*ll out here! You framed me, I wont let you off so easily.”

Han Wanling could not think of any way she could salvage the situation now that there was concrete evidence.

At this point, the Han family would definitely abandon and disown her without any hesitation.

Once she was charged with murder, she would have to spend the rest of her life in jail.

She did not want to go to jail.

Han Wanling would rather die than go to jail.

But now, who could help her What else could she do

The fear that the sky was about to collapse surged through her.

Without thinking, she pushed aside the police around her and rushed toward the car.

The policemen surrounding her pointed their guns at her.

“Stop! Show us your hands!” “…” Han Wanling watched as the white police car drove out of her sight, and she fell into endless darkness and panic.

Two miles away, the white police car stopped beside two black cars.

Yun Xi pulled the woman out of the police car, thanked the driver, and walked toward the black car.

Li Zilan had just come down from the mountain with a sniper rifle case.

She could not help but laugh softly when she saw the two of them.

“Well done!”

“Thank you for your praise!” Yun Xi smiled and turned around to ask Feng Rui, who was in the drivers seat of the other car, “Please take her to the city.

As for the next steps, you just have to follow my instructions.”

The woman turned around to look at Yun Xi, who was still a young girl.

After these few days of training, she had safely completed the mission that had been assigned to her.

“You did well today.

Thank you for your hard work.

You will get your reward.

When you get home, Ill have someone send it to you.

Live a good life from now on.”

“Thank you.” The woman thanked her sincerely and turned to get into the other car.

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