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Chapter 134: A Chance to Make Her Suffer a Little!

On Saturday morning, Yun Xi went downstairs with one of the pillows that shed made.

Seeing what looked like rags in her hands, Liang Xiuqin deliberately made fun of it in front of Yun Yuanfeng.

“This is the gift you want to bring to the Chen familys house Arent you embarrassed to bring such a cheap thing Youre going to bring shame on the Yun family.”

Yun Ziling knew that she was going to the Chen familys house today, and remembering that she had been driven out of the Chen familys house the last time they had visited, her sense of resentment was suddenly reignited.

Her venomous eyes glared at Yun Xi, and she had the urge to rip off her pretentious mask.

“Sister, you scammed money from mother and bought this Did you actually spend the money on yourself and thats why youre bringing this cheap thing”

When the topic came to money, Liang Xiuqins expression changed.

When there were no outsiders watching her, Liang Xiuqin was no longer conscious of her status as a vice presidents wife.

Suddenly, all her bitter feelings that shed acquired from her countryside upbringing burst out.

“How dare you use the money I gave you to buy this crappy gift! Where is the remaining money”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly.

She was wearing a violet silk dress, with fine blue-and-white patterns embroidered on the jacket.

Its white chiffon hem made her appear elegant and sophisticated.

When standing quietly, she looked like a blue blooming daisy, serene and calm, gentle and noble.

Compared with Liang Xiuqins aggressive demeanor, as she stood in front of her mother at this moment, she had an air of grace and sophistication.

“The money was used to buy the medical ingredients in the medicine pillow.

There are quite a few precious medical ingredients inside.

The money you gave was not enough, so I contributed the rest myself.”

“Isnt all of your money given to you by us anyway No way will old Madame Chen be pleased by such a crappy thing.”

Yun Yuanfeng had always been full of pride, so when he glanced at the pillow in Yun Xis hand and saw how cheap it looked, his expression immediately soured.

“Yun Xi, how could you give something like this to the old lady Thats how you spent the money your mother gave you”

Yun Xi glanced at her mothers triumphant expression and raised her eyes.

“Dad, old Madame Chen pays attention to her health maintenance.

She has suffered from insufficient blood supply to the brain recently, and this medicine pillow is full of ingredients that target her disease according to the theories of Chinese medicine.”

“Even so, there are many doctors and professors from hospitals near the old madame, so theres no need for you to get involved.

Quick, give this crap to me, and buy a few boxes of supplements from outside.”

Upon hearing this, the corners of Yun Xis mouth turned up in amusement.

She decided to play on Yun Yuanfengs weakness.

“Dad, the prices of the supplements out there arent cheap.

The ginseng and deer antler that can be obtained are thousands of yuan each.

Mom only gave me 1,000 yuan, and the only thing I could think of was this.”

When it came to supplements, of course their familys wealth couldnt be compared to the Chen familys.

They were far below them.

Even if they gave something valuable, the Chen family probably wouldnt appreciate it.

Seeing Yun Yuanfengs distress, Yun Xi didnt bother talking any more nonsense with them.

However, Liang Xiuqin continued, “Okay, since youve made it, you can take it.

But Im warning you, if you dont settle things today, dont bother coming back!”

Since she talked so big in front of her father, this was a chance to make her suffer a little.

If she offended old Madame Chen with her cheap gift, then Liang Xiuqin would have an excuse to drive her back to the countryside.

Yun Xi laughed.

She realized that her mothers reasons for being so compliant was that her ultimate goal was to take her back to the countryside.

As she left the villa complex, Yun Xi was just about to take a taxi to the Chen familys house when a black vehicle stopped in front of her.

Yun Xi glanced at the flashy license plate and knew who was sitting in the car without even looking.

The window was lowered to reveal Mu Feichis angular profile, and the deep contours of his face made his eyes appear especially gloomy.

“Get in the car.

Ill take you there.”

“Huh” Yun Xi was dumbstruck.

She glanced around and asked nervously, “Young Marshal Mu, how do you know where Im going”

“The Chen familys home.”

“Oh!” With no one around to see her, she quickly got into the car with her heavy pillow.

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