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Most of the people present at the meeting had never partaken in an election of the big four wealthiest families before, since the last time it had happened was 18 years ago when the Su family had successfully taken a seat.

However, Gu Baifan came well prepared.

After Mu Feichi had delivered the opening speech, Gu Baifan took over and hosted the meeting.

He started off with an introduction to the present representatives of the voting process and the rules and regulations.

There were a total of four families, as well as the Han family, aiming for a spot as one of the big four wealthiest families, including the Qiao family, the Chu family, the He family, and the Zhao family.

The Han family, whose spot the other four families were aiming for, was under immense pressure.

The Qiao family was already a huge threat to them, but the other families werent easy to deal with either.

Han Hongbins facial expression had been livid throughout the meeting ever since Mu Feichi had arrived.

Three hours had passed since the meeting began.

The economic power, military power, and political power of each of the five families were introduced so that each voter could have a clear understanding of each contestant in order to achieve a fair vote.

In an age where power represented everything, the Han family was most likely doomed to lose their position.

Han Hongbin was almost overtaken by rage when they showed that the economic power of the Qiao family had far surpassed his.

As the measure of the Qiao familys economic power included the predicted profit from the two projects between the Qiao Corporation and the Mu Corporation, this gave the Qiao family the boost that they needed to overshadow the Han family.

Those were the same two projects that had been supposed to belong to the Han family.

To be surpassed because of this made Han Hongbins heart bleed.

The head of the Han family clearly knew what it meant to lose the title as one of the big four wealthiest families.

The next election would not happen as long as the Qiao family did not make a mistake.

Not a single soul could predict when the next election would be.

Once the Qiao family ascended to become one of the big four wealthiest families, it would only take them a short amount of time to completely surpass the Han family.

Not only that, but the Qiao family also had the Prime Minister supporting them.

The Han familys future was as bleak as it could be, considering that they would not be able to pull the Qiao family down nor could they control the situation any longer.

The election ended just as everyone had expected.

The Qiao family was elected as one of the big four wealthiest families, while the Han family was removed.

Some let out a deep sigh as the Han family had eventually fallen after going through all the ups and downs for the past 30 years.

Han Hongbin could not contain his anger any longer.

With a loud grunt, he got up and left the noisy meeting room with Han Yaotian awkwardly following behind.

Not a single person tried to cheer up the Han family.

It didnt take long for the meeting room to be filled with voices of congratulations to the Qiao family.

As Han Hongbin and Han Yaotian left the hotel, the reporters immediately descended on them.

Seeing that no one had come out after the Han family, the reporters were able to guess the outcome.

The reporters werent going to let this chance slide to get their first-hand interview with Han Hongbin and followed him until he was escorted back to his car.

In the end, they couldnt get a single reply from the Han family.

Han Yaotian sat in the passenger seat and sighed deeply.

Being kicked out as one of the big four wealthiest families meant that the Han family would soon become a normal family, stripped of all their benefits.

The Han Corporation would face even more pressure and hardship in the future.

All of that happened from the moment that Han Hongbin decided to make a move against Yun Xi.

And when the train of her revenge started to roll, no one was able to stop it.

Han Yaotian was furious, but was also reluctant to express his anger in front of his father.

All he could do was clench his fists tightly, thinking of their next step.

When they stopped at an intersection, Han Hongbin told his son that he had something to take care of and asked Han Yaotian to get out of the car.

The young man stood by the edge of the busy road, his eyes as cold as ice.

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