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As the big four wealthiest families changed form, the announcement shook the whole of Jingdu.

Jingdu was already becoming a place where waves were colliding in the dark and many things were shifting on every level.

This small change in the big four wealthiest families affected the whole of Jingdu.

The complicated connections between people, groups, and families had to be reset and reorganized.

Everything seemed so sudden, and yet everyone seemed to have been prepared for it.

After ending a press conference by the hotels entrance, Mu Feichi headed off to the Presidents Office escorted by his bodyguards.

As the Qiao family, who sided with the Prime Minister, had risen to become one of the big four wealthiest families, the Young Commander needed to be wary of any attacks and had to be prepared in every possible way.

The balance of power in the big four wealthiest families had shifted.

If the Qiao family did not have the power and ability on a par with the other three families, the economy and politics of Jingdu would become a catastrophe.

And at times such as this, people with bad intentions would make use of the situation and could cause a crisis.

All these things were matters of the first importance.

As the Young Commander and one of the heads of the three noble clans, Mu Feichi had to be ready for anything that could happen.

Other than that, from a certain point of view, this incident between the Han family and the Qiao family had occurred because of the Young Commanders woman.

He had the responsibility to give the President an explanation.

As the election was ending, Qiao Ximin had tried to use this chance to get close to Mu Feichi.

As she was now a part of the big four wealthiest families, she had achieved a good enough status to become his spouse.

Unfortunately for the daughter of the Qiao family, the Young Commander couldnt even be bothered to talk to her.

When the election concluded, he had briefly congratulated Qiao Dehao and left right after.

He hadnt spared a single second for their conversation.

Qiao Ximin was both disappointed and a little saddened.

Since she had to uphold her image as a member of the big four wealthiest families in front of everyone, she could not shamelessly run after Mu Feichi to try to talk with him when he had clearly shown he was not interested.

Qiao Dehao understood his daughters plan and gently patted her shoulder.

“Calm down.

Theres still a lot of time, and there will be other chances.”

Being part of the big four wealthiest families meant that they would have a lot of chances to interact with the Young Commander.

Qiao Ximin would be able to use her charms to form a bond with him.

“Also, the socialite ball is almost here,” added her father.

“Now that Han Wanling is behind bars, there arent a lot of people in Jingdu who can compare with you.

Youll have a very high chance of being crowned as the number one socialite.”

The mention of this brought life back into Qiao Ximins eyes.

They were again filled with hope and expectation.

Qiao Ximin believed that if she could land the title, then she would have all the rights to stand beside the Young Commander.

However, this young lady was too full of confidence, and she had completely forgotten that there were still two ladies above her.

One was the Prime Ministers daughter.

The other was Mu Feichis one and only love.

Either of them could easily outshine Qiao Ximin.

When the results of the election were announced, Yun Xi was on her way to meet with the b*stard child who was locked up.

Xiang Yuanxun showed her the news about the press conference.

Looking at the laptop, Yun Xi could see that Qiao Dehao wasnt even trying to hide his excitement.

There was no need for the head of the Qiao family to keep a low profile any longer.

Now that the Qiao family had replaced the Han family, it wouldnt have made sense if Yun Xi had not shared the good news with the man in custody.

In the end, he was Han Hongbins b*stard son, and his father had protected him well.

Either Han Hongbin cared too much about him or he didnt care at all.

However, judging from how Han Hongbin had treated Han Yaotian in Yun Xis past life, she believed the former was the case.

The father protected his b*stard son because he cared too much for him.

Although Han Yaotian was also a b*stard child of Han Hongbin, he had been used as nothing more than a chess piece by his father.

Han Yaotian was like a pawn to the other b*stard son, who was the king.

If Yun Xi could make good use of this situation, it could become the graves of Han Hongbin and Han Yaotian, and also become her chance to turn the tide around.

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