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Standing in front of the metal cell door, Yun Xi looked through the bars and saw the back of the person whose eyes were fixed on the TV.

On the screen was the result of the election of the big four wealthiest families.

Yun Xi realized that there had been no need for her to relay the information to the captive.

Yun Xi leaned on the door and quietly studied the emotions on the mans expressionless face.

Compared to Han Yaotian, who was a schemer at heart, this man behind bars was far more dangerous.

“What do you think Is this good news for you”

The man scoffed and turned to stare intensely at her.

After watching her for a few seconds, a mysterious smile appeared on his face.

Yun Xi looked back at him.

His smile was so eerie that it sent a shiver down her spine.

It felt to Yun Xi as if she had suddenly come in contact with a cold-blooded snake.

“Shouldnt I ask you the same question” asked the man as he shifted his attention back to the TV, staring at the screen with his emotionless eyes.

“It was your plan, and it was a huge success.”

“Wow! Looks like you know Im the one who did this.” Yun Xi raised a brow.

“Looks like Han Hongbin really tells you everything, huh Well, if he cares so much about you, then it only means that you are worth much more to me.

But Ill still let Han Yaotian pave your paths.

In the end, I hate him more than you, who tried to kill me in an explosion but failed to do so.”

“You know what Im really curious.

When did he offend you so much where you want to kill him this badly To the point where you want to bury the whole Han family…”

The man stared at Yun Xi again with his piercing gaze, trying to read her thoughts.

However, Yun Xis mind was stronger than the average 18-year-old girls, and she was well prepared for that.

Yun Xi would never give this man, who she had a hard time understanding, the chance to find something to threaten her with.

Yun Xi nonchalantly stared back with her half-closed eyes and let him guess as much as he wanted about her.

About a minute later, she straightened up and charmingly smiled.

“A reason Because I dont like him Dont worry.

I wont let him die so easily, or else theres no point in keeping you alive.”

She laughed and put her hands in her pockets before turning to leave.

As she left, she reminded the guards to be extra careful around the man.

Under no circumstances was the man to escape.

After leaving the dungeon, Yun Xi could sense that the defenses around it had been enhanced.

Even though the place looked inconspicuous, there were a lot of well-trained guards hiding in the shadows, showing that Mu Feichi knew how dangerous the man inside the prison was.

This man would be extremely beneficial to the rest of Yun Xis plan.

She had to make sure he was within arms reach and decided that she needed to convince Mu Feichi to strengthen the security even more.

Mu Feichi had just finished his report about the election to the President at his office.

He had also explained the reason for the election, and his arrangements following the event.

Not long after the meeting had ended, the First Lady knocked on the door and came in with a plate of snacks.

“Maam,” Mu Feichi got up and greeted her with a warm smile, one that disappeared as soon as he noticed Si Wenxuan behind her mother.

” Brother Feichi! Are you here to see me” The moment Si Wenxuan had heard that Mu Feichi had arrived, she had run with all her might to meet with him.

Even the bodyguards could not stop her.

Ever since Si Wenxuan had been caught by her father when she had tried to frame Yun Xi, she had been put on house arrest for a month and forced to learn all sorts of manners during that time.

The teacher that the President had hired was one that didnt care about social standing.

Even if Si Wenxuan was the Presidents daughter, the teacher still treated her as if she was just a normal person.

He was so stubborn that the young lady became frustrated and furious, but couldnt do anything about it.

Now the one-month-long study period had ended, and she had found out that Mu Feichi was in her home.

There was no way Si Wenxuan would miss this chance.

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