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Since Li Shuyuan was a relative of one of Yun Xis patients, she decided to ask about the patients condition.

Since the old chiefs were decorated veterans, the places where they lived were tightly guarded, so it was hard for her to visit them.

After Li Shuyuan had asked a few questions about Jiang Chenghuans grandfather and made sure that the old chief was doing well, Yun Xi reminded Li Shuyuan of a few ways to maintain his health and warned her about things he shouldnt do.

Li Shuyuan thanked Yun Xi gratefully.

When shed first met the young lady, she had been a bit skeptical about Yun Xis medical knowledge.

However, after their short conversation, she was completely convinced that the young lady was very skilled.

Yun Xi noticed that all three men who were present in the living room were staring at her, to the point where she felt awkward.

She turned to Jiang Chenghuan and signaled him with her eyes, and the latter finally regained his wits.

“Well, if you need a favor in the future, the Jiang family will definitely help you,” said Jiang Chenghuan, assuring her.

It was a promise from the head of the Jiang family, and that was his way of repaying the favor to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi never had any intention of asking for anything in return for saving a life.

All she did was to try her best to help people.

Thus, it made her a little uncomfortable when Jiang Chenghuan seemed serious about repaying the favor.

“As a doctor, its my job to help people.

You dont have to thank me.

I would do the same for anyone in need.”

“I see…well, why dont we head up to my grandpas room first”

“Jinzhi, why dont you stay here and talk to my parents I think its been nearly six months since they last saw you.”

Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi.

She gently tapped the back of his hand, signaling him to not worry about her.

She then nodded respectfully at Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang before following Jiang Chenghuan up the stairs.

Old Master Jiangs bedroom was the first room on the mansions first floor in order for it to be easier for him to move around.

Jiang Chenghuan gently knocked on the door and led Yun Xi into it.

The first thing Yun Xi sensed was the faint aroma of Chinese herbal medicine and incense sticks.

Yun Xi then scanned the room.

Compared to the extravagantly decorated living room, from the bed to the couch to the tea table inside Old Master Jiangs bedroom, everything was of a traditional Chinese design.

It seemed as if Old Master Jiang had already learned of Yun Xis arrival, because he was sitting in his wheelchair as the two people entered his room.

The Old Master had heard a lot of people in his circle talking about Yun Xi, how her medical knowledge was the best they had ever seen.

Even though she was still very young, her skill was on par with professionals who had been working in the field for more than ten years.

Yun Xi had even been able to heal Jiang Chenghuans legs, something that had troubled a lot of doctors, both Western and Chinese.

“Grandpa! Ive brought Yun Xi with me.” Jiang Chenghuan walked up to Old Master Jiang and pulled the blanket up his grandfathers thighs.

“Good evening, Old Master Jiang!” Yun Xi greeted him as she studied the old man.

Unlike Old Master Mu, who still looked like an upright soldier, Old Master Jiang had the gentleness of a retired businessman.

However, the seriousness in his eyes still lingered.

“Ive heard a lot of my friends talk about you.

Who wouldve thought that you were so talented at such a young age.

I heard you learned from a wandering doctor”

Yun Xi nodded as that was the excuse she had made up.

“Yes, I personally am interested in the medical field as well.

Thats why I chose to pursue a medical degree.

Since I cant start my own business or help the country, I decided to help people by healing them.”

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