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Old Master Jiang had switched from praising Yun Xi to testing her, but he failed to get any reaction from her.

Yun Xi remained calm and replied to the Old Masters question in a natural manner.

She didnt feel as if he judged her badly because she was a bumpkin from the countryside, nor did she gloat when she was praised for her amazing medical knowledge.

Old Master Jiang loved that aspect of her.

“It already is a hard job to save lives, even more so when you are a woman…” COUGH, COUGH…

Before the Old Master could even finish his sentence, he was cut short by a series of painful coughs.

It was as if he was being choked by something.

Jiang Chenghuan quickly helped by patting his grandfathers back and turned to Yun Xi, saying, “Weve hired a lot of doctors to help identify my grandpas illness.

All of them came to the same conclusion, that he has caught the flu because there are signs of swelling in his lungs.

He doesnt want to go to the hospital and has been resting at home.

However, no matter what medicine hes tried, nothing seems to have worked.”

Yun Xi approached Old Master Jiang and helped soothe his chest with one hand while checking his pulse with another.

She also requested that Jiang Chenghuan fetch the Old Masters medical records.

It didnt take long for Jiang Chenghuan to return with the medical records.

After looking through them and at the two X-rays, combined with the Old Masters shortness of breath and constant coughing, Yun Xi had a bad feeling about the whole situation.

What worried her the most was that the two antibiotics that Old Master Jiang had taken showed no effects.

If the illness he had picked up had been a normal flu or if he had caught a cold, the antibiotics wouldve fought the bacteria and would not have left his lungs swollen.

Suddenly, Yun Xi heard someone approaching the room and turned to realize that Mu Feichi was already at the door.

She immediately yelled at him, “Dont come in!”

“Whats wrong” Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan asked at the same time.

“Young Commander, y…you have to leave this building immediately.

Dont come in any further contact with anyone from the Jiang family and wait in the garden! Ill explain everything to you through the window.”

“Has something happened” Mu Feichi instantly realized that something was off, judging from Yun Xis reaction and her shaky hands.

“I think…the Old Master has contracted a new type of virus.

You have to get out.


Even after Yun Xi had been born again, some things had not changed.

Most of the historical events still happened as they had before, and it was now the year when SARS had been discovered.

In Yun Xis past life, the virus was discovered during her winter semester.

She had not come in contact with the virus, but then it had spread throughout the whole country and eventually the whole world, and people began to take it very seriously.

When Yun Xi finally got her own lab in her past life, the virus had already been eradicated and only a few samples remained.

That was why Yun Xi only had a little understanding of the virus and did not have the confidence to create an antivirus to combat it.

If she had contracted it, her life could also be in danger if she didnt get the right treatment and the antivirus.

Since Mu Feichi had not physically touched anyone from the Jiang family and had not set foot in OId Master Jiangs room yet, he was the only one present who was safe from being infected.

The first thing Yun Xi had to do was make sure that he remained healthy so that he could help her defeat the virus.

Mu Feichi could tell how serious the situation was when she mentioned a possible new virus.

He looked at her standing next to the Old Master and frowned.

He took a few steps back before running down the stairs.

Mu Feichi didnt respond to Jiang Chenghuans parents until he was out of the mansion.

With a glass door separating them, he finally explained the situation.

“Yun Xi fears that the Old Master is infected with a new virus.

All of you stay here, and Ill go get some help.”

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